Elk Hair Caddis
Tiemco 100 #12-18
Olive 8/0
Olive dubbing
Fine Gold Wire
Elk Hair
The standard presentation for caddis flies. Highly floatable, this fly can be tied in many different colors and sizes to match the naturals.

Step By Step:
Start thread at eye and wrap to bend. Tie in the rib material and hackle feather (by it's butt) at this point
Dub a slightly tapered body as shown, leaving space for tying off the materials and later for the wing.
Palmer hackle forward and tie off. Wrap rib forward and secure. This will add stability to the hackle and make the fly more durable.
Cut a small bunch of elk hair and remove the under fur. Stack it in a hair stacker and measure the bunch so that the wing will extend just to the bend of the hook.
Hold the bundle of hair above the tie in point. Bring the thread up and once around the bundle, then back down on the other side of the shank. This step helps to keep the bundle on top of the shank. Make a couple more wraps around the bundle/shank. Hold the butt ends up and make a few wraps just in front of the tie in point. Finish with some half hitches and trim the butts as shown.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • Some good colors for this pattern are tan, olive, and black.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher.