Fly Tying Quick Tips

Tying with Beadchain Eyes

Bead Chain is a wonderful material for adding small amounts of weight to your flies or simulating eyes on baitfish patterns. If you can find it in smaller sizes, it's perfect for bringing hex nymphs to life. Most tyers purchase their bead chain from their fly shop, with 18"-24" sections generally costing $2.00 or more. You can save yourself a bundle by heading to the local hardware store, which will carry a limited selection but priced well below most fly shops. The best of both worlds can be had by visiting a craft store. You can generally find a large selection of bead chain sold by the foot at very reasonable prices.

If you're anything like me, the first thing you do when you get a new stash of bead chain is to cut it up into pairs. The problem is, the wire cutters generally send the bead chain flying and you waste a lot of time. These two tips should remove the aggrevation from working with bead chain.

Don't cut bead chain There's a much better way if you can just RESIST THE URGE TO CUT! Rather than chopping the chain into pieces as soon as you get it home, leave it as a long strip. It's much easier to store this way and doesn't roll all over your tying bench (or floor). The biggest benefit is it's MUCH easier to tie with. Holding tiny bead chain eyes in place while you're tying can be a major pain. Holding on to a long strip on the other hand is very easy, and the bead chain can be cut now without shooting across the room.

cut bead chain in a bag If you really must cut it up, try this... Get yourself a 1-2 gallon clear freezer bag to cut the bead chain in. You'll be able to see what you're doing since the bag is clear and it stops the pieces from flying everywhere.

Fly Tying Tip By: Brian Doelle.

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