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Tying Parachute Posts
By: Chris Hatcher
When tying parachute style dry flies, many beginning tiers have difficulty constructing a proper post. If the post is not stable, it will make applying the hackle more difficult later in the recipe. The following directions and pictures will illustrate a technique that provides a very solid foundation for wrapping parachute style hackle:

Start the thread and wrap back about 1/3 of the shank length.
Place the post material above the shank and put 2-3 wraps to secure it to the top of the shank. The left over material to the rear can now be trimmed. Since mayfly bodies are tapered, you can trim the material by making an angled cut. That way, you will have a start to your tapered body and eliminates a lump of material that would have to be covered later.
Make wraps over the material that was left over from trimming, and advance the thread in front of the post. Wrap the thread in front of the tie in point, building up a tapered mound. This will hold the material upright when done properly.
The last step is to bring the thread up the post by starting at the base and wrapping upwards, making tight successive wraps up, then back down and eventually back onto the shank. The distance you want to wrap up the post depends on how much hackle you intend to use.
Now that the post is done, you can finish the fly according to the recipe that you are following. Some good materials for tying parachutes are Hi-Vis, turkey flats, polypropylene yarn, and calf tail.

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