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So you want to be a better fly tier, huh? Quest's quick tips will have you tying faster and better looking flies in no time with our easy to follow and fully illustrated directions. Looking for something new to do at the vise? Our articles range far and wide to cover subjects you won't find anywhere else. Have a question? Ask away in our fly tying forum!

fly tying quick tips fly tying articles
self-healing cutting mat Measure Twice, Cut Once
Cutting bulk fly tying materials into strips just got easier. Find out what else this $4 mat can do.
Tube flies in the Great Lakes Tubular: Tube Flies
Quest's in-depth look at tube flies and their uses in the Great Lakes.
First up: Tube Fly History
UnPlugged: Copper Ribbing
A free lifetime supply of wire ribbing material that's better than store bought!
Controling Slippery Synthetics
Modern synthetic materials like Crystal Flash and Flashabou are slippery. Learn how to lock them in place.
tying flies with beadchain eyes Beadchain Eyes
Tired of chasing beadchain eyes all over your tying room? Learn 2 quick & easy ways to tame your chain!
Tying with Dumbell Eyes
Many tiers seem to have trouble working with dumbell style eyes. Try this simple figure-8 technique.
fly tyer interviews fly tying materials
Rick Whorwood on Classics
Rick explains how he got started down the path to tying full dressed salmon flies, and shares advice with beginners.
Edgewater foam popper heads Edgewater Popper Heads
Durable foam popper bodies from Edgewater, with new profiles to give your flies unique actions. Check em out!
fly fur & craft fur fly tying material Fly Fur
AKA Craft Fur is an inexpensive synthetic streamer material with excellent movement under water. Learn more!

Tube Fly Articles
Tube Flies

Coming Soon
Top Water Smallies
Sol Duc Spey
DIY: Tubes
And much more!

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