Rubber Band Indicator Trick
Here's a trick for ya to make it a bit easier to thread your leader through that little tiny hole on the Thills. There are a couple more variations of this, but this is the one I use. Makes it a little easier to re-rig if you loose it, especially in the winter!

First, take those little wooden pegs the indicators come with and use em for toothpicks. Then get yourself a piece of mono about a foot long and a rubber band.
Thread the mono through the indi and double it back to form a loop.
Take about 3 of the rubber band and insert it into the loop
Lube the rubber band and hole in the indi. (Spit on it!)
Pull the rubber band through till it comes out the other side.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 to leave yourself with a loop once again in addition to the rubber band that's already through the indi.
Use this loop to pull your leader through when needed.
Pull your leader through and FISH!
More Tips & Tricks
  • Make sure the diameter of your rubber band is adequate. Too large and you won't get it through the center, too small and it will slip and not hold your mono.
  • You'll love this rigging, the indi is easily moved when the rubber band is straight. With a couple twists it locks the leader in very tight and it won't slip at all.