The Nottingham Cast
By: Randy Gerrick

The Nottingham cast is a specialized cast developed for full caged reels such as the JW Young Rapidex or any other reel which has a cage around it preventing you from doing other casts such as the side cast or wallis cast. It's not meant for distance but is very easy to do and is very effective at short distances.

Using my thumb, pointer finger and middle finger (in this case my left hand, right hand is the rod hand) pull line off the reel as well as through the first and second guide rings.
Keep in mind I have a sufficient amount of line from the tip. I pull the line from the guides along my left side towards the ground. Make sure you still have some line dangling from the rod tip.
Next I rotate my body towards my left slightly.
In one sweeping motion from rear to front I let the line that's in my finger tips go. I release my thumb and follow the line to the reel and feather the spool to prevent any over run.

Again, timing is everything with this cast as so many others; practice, practice, practice!

Happen to be a south paw? Check out the LEFT HANDED VERSION of this cast.

Video clip coming soon!

  • There is minimal if any line twist present.
  • It's a good cast for the full caged centrepin reel.
  • The distance needed to make each cast stays at an almost constant.
  • Minimal distance is achieved.
  • In order to make farther casts more line would need to pulled from other guides and the angler will run out of fingers to pull line with.
  • Your Casting distance is dependant upon the amount of line drawn through the rod rings and off of the reel. This is one reason for the decent amount of line at the rod tip. So, the more line drawn from the rod rings and from the reel the further the cast.
  • If you pinch the loops of line between the thumb, pointer, middle, and ring finger it'll make releasing the line during the cast much easier.