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No matter if you're just learning or are a seasoned pinner, you'll find our articles informative for all levels. In-Depth as well as Basic articles covering Casting, Rigging, and Techniques. Of course with Quest's Great Lakes slant on things!

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Modified Drennan Loafer
Just wanted to share my favorite all around float with everybody, a modified Drennan loafer. Including simple....
split shot sizes US and UK Split Shot Size Conversions
Ever wondered how many split shot to use for a "4Swan" float? US and UK sizes and weights listed in this handy dandy chart!
Nottingham Cast
The Nottingham cast is a specialized cast developed for full caged reels such as the ....
Wallis Cast
The Wallis cast is steeped in tradition and is widely considered to be the...
Basic Centerpin Rigging
Basic rigging can be as easy or as complicated as you would like to make it. You can utilize some, if not most, of the....
Float Making 101
...a float can be made for pennies on the dollar not to mention having a float made that will fit your style of fishing.

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