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Join us for an in depth look at centerpin fishing, Great Lakes style. You'll find articles on rigging, casting a centerpin, float making, and a variety of other float fishing related content. Look for new articles every month! Don't forget our Centerpin Forum!

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Side Cast
The easiest cast to lean. If you're a beginner, start here!
Nottingham Cast Nottingham Cast
The Nottingham cast is a specialized cast developed for full caged reels such as the ...
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Spinning Side Cast
A little more advanced cast. Perfect the standard side cast then move to this one.
split shot sizes US and UK Split Shot Size Conversions
Ever wondered how many split shot to use for a "4Swan" float? US and UK sizes and weights listed in this handy dandy chart!
learn the wallis cast Wallis Cast
A step-by-step look at the hardest centerpin cast to learn.
modified Drennan Loafer Improving a Drennan Loafer
A favorite float just got better. This float tracks better than the original and can be made in minutes!
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John Collina Custom Tackle

Centerpin Float Fishing video, DVD
Centerpin DVD!

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