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Within our skills section you'll find information and articles covering, fly fishing and casting, centerpin methods, bait casting as well as spinning gear articles, fly tying, rod building, and much, much more. New content is added weekly so stop back often!

A few of the latest additions.

Smallmouth Subtleties
Smallmouth bass fishing, in my eyes, is the best fishing in the world today. I have fished for most......
Drop Shotting
Drop shot fishing is one of my favorite techniques to use for summertime bass. When reaction...
Rick Whorwood on Classics
Rick explains how he started down the path to tying full dressed salmon flies, and shares advice with beginners.
Feenstra's Sculpin
A pattern created by Kevin Feenstra fished on the Muskegeon River in Michigan.
Spey Casting Videos
Check out a couple full motion spey casting videos
Controling Slippery Synthetics
Modern synthetic materials like Crystal Flash and Flashabou are slippery and can be difficult to keep in place. This little trick...