Special Regulations
The PM probably has more special regulations placed on it than any other body of water in the Great Lakes Region. Between the DNR and the USFS there are countless special rules and regs you must follow when using the river, from use hours and stream access permits to laws regarding how and what you can legally use to fish with. The below is NOT a complete list of all the regs that apply to the river, just some of the more important and lesser known ones. Click on links within the write-up for the latest information.

Michigan DNR
The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is the governing body over fish and game regs for the state of Michigan. In their quest for a higher quality fishery, they have imposed quite a few special regulations on the PM. Please refer to the current Inland Trout and Salmon Guide for the latest changes, updates and information. Some of the more important regs pertaining to the PM are the inception of the "Fly's Only/No Kill" stretch. The bridge at M-37 marks the start of this stretch and Gleasons Landing marks the end. This piece of water is open all year, but remember, if you're launching at the DNR ramp above M-37 you can't fish until you pass under the bridge. In addition, no bait of any kind may be POSSESSED anywhere within the fly water; no fish may be possessed either, regardless of where they were caught.

United States Forest Service
The United States Forest Service (USFS) owns much of the land that the PM flows thru as well as almost every access site on the river. If you're not sure if the location you're going to is USFS, DNR, State, or Private land, stop in at one of the local tackle shops for info. The USFS have their own set of regulations you must follow while on their land; for current and complete regulations check out their website. The below is not a complete listing of all the regs that pertain to the PM, just some of the important ones that you will need to know while fishing in the area:

PM USFS Special Regs: Vehicle Passes
  • A vehicle pass is needed to park at any of the sites, year around.
  • Passes are $30 household, $20 annual, $5 weekly, or $3 daily.
  • Passes renew January 1st.
  • Passes can be obtained from most tackle shops as well as any ranger station.

PM USFS Special Regs: Float Permits
  • Float permits are needed for every watercraft between May 15th - Sep 10th.
  • They can ONLY be obtained at the Baldwin or Cadillac ranger stations.
  • The Baldwin and Cadillac ranger station hours are M-F 8:00-4:30pm, Sat 8-12.
  • You can call or pick up a permit in advance for $2/day/watercraft.
  • If permits are obtained the same day of use there is no reservation fee.
  • There are a very limited number of permits; most go to the canoe liveries.
  • Only about 12 permits are available for M-37 to Green Cottage daily!
  • Permits are required for The Forks, Green Cottage, Gleason's Landing, Bowman Bridge, Rainbow Rapids, Upper Branch Bridge, Elk, and Indian Bridge.
  • There are NO annual permits.

Visit the USFS Recreational Fee Demo Website for more information.