Muskegon River Croton Dam to Newaygo

From the foot of Croton dam to the take out at New Bridge is slightly over 14 miles. Within this distance is arguably some of the best Trout, Salmon and Steelhead water the state has to offer. Coupled with this is the summer warm water fishery that can be outstanding and is often so under utilized it's a shame. Smallies, Walleye and Pike can and are caught in this stretch during the warmer months.
The big draw are still Salmon and Steelhead, these two species draw thousands of anglers each year to the Muskegon's cold clear and DEEP waters. This stretch is without a doubt the prime location to pursue this quarry.

Access in this stretch is marginal at best. Starting at Croton the wading angler has very good access down to just above Pine Street. Again at Thornapple, Henning, right in town, and at new bridge the wader can access the water. There are also several public access/ handicap platforms right off M-37 in town. When wading, as long as you can stay below the high water mark you can get into some pretty nice spots. The major problem with wading the Muskegon is that it can be extremely dangerous any time other than very low water in the late summer and early fall. Wading in spring or any time the water levels are up is not suggested.