Muskegon River
  Croton to Newaygo
  Newaygo Down

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Muskegon River System
With a watershed over 2,500 miles, the Muskegon River is one of Michigans largest rivers. Starting as s small outflow of Houghton Lake and traveling 227 miles to it's confluence into Muskegon Lake and finally into Lake Michigan anglers can find just about any and every type of fishery. Named "River of Marshes" by the Native Americans it's seen it's share of history. First by French fur trappers in the 1600's, then logging, and now sportsmen.

Muskegon River Map

Since the Muskegon River is such a long system and has distinct sections we broke it down into a couple segments. The stretch from Hougton Lake to Croton will be available soon.

Croton down to Newaygo
Newaygo down to Muskegon Lake/Lake Michigan

  • Hardy Dam is one of the worlds largest earthen dams.
  • Major Tribs: Hersey River, Croton River, Cedar Creek, Little Muskegon River
  • Source where MIDNR collects Walleye eggs for the state.

Muskegon River Info


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