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Have you ever been fed up trying to find information on a destination you wanted to fish? God knows we have,what a waste of time it is spending hours trying to gather information on a location. 302 clicks, 59 pages, and 12 sites later we manage to find "most" of the info we want. There's got to be a better way....well now there is!

Within our locations pages you'll find the information you need when planning a trip to some of the best fishing hot spots within the Great Lakes Region. One site will give you all relevant information including, the latest fishing reports, interactive maps, lodging, local tackle shops, launches, water conditions, weather reports and more!

Pardon our dust while we bring more states and locations on-line. Scheduled for this Spring are OH, PA, NY and WI. Shortly after that we'll add the final Great Lakes states as well as Canada.

Pere Marquette Info


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