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Great Lakes anglers spend over 20 million days a year on the water*.
Are they using your product?

What's more, they spend over $4 billion annually** in their pursuit.
So, are they using your products?

Increase sales and build greater brand recognition through the Quest Tesing program! It's the best money you didn't even have to spend!

So what's the Quest Testing program?
Why should I submit my product?
Can I send cash along with my product?
What's the difference between "Tested" and "Previewed"?
How does the Quest Testing program work?
Will Quest change a review if I don't like it?
My product is (expensive/cheap). Will it get a (better/worse) review?
I'm a retailer not a manufacturer. Can Quest help me?
Wow! How else can Quest benefit me?

So what's the Quest Testing program?
The Quest Testing program allows manufacturers an opportunity to "trade" product for exposure. It's that simple!

Why should I submit my product?
As we've mentioned before, Quest is read by over 20,000 Great Lakes anglers a month. Thats about a 1/4 million fishermen (and women) a year and growing! Now let's say your product's manufacturing cost is in the neighborhood of $50.00. Hmmmmm, $50.00 to reach a highly targeted audience of 250,000... we've got to start charging more! And that's just based on the first 12 months. Imagine what that breaks down to over the life of your product!

Can I send cash along with my product?
Absolutely! And considering that highly targeted impressions typically cost upwards of $20 CPM, it's not entirely out of the question! Seriously though, if you feel bad about taking advantage of such cheap advertising, feel free to send along 2 samples of your product!

What's the difference between "Tested" and "Preview"?
Quest's Tested reviews are long term product tests that grade products on 5 attributes; performance, price, construction/quality, design and features. Products are tested under a complete range of fishing conditions by multiple staff members. These reviews are great for items such as rods and reels, boats and accessories, waders, fly tying vises, etc... Quest's previews are insightfull looks at new products entering the market. Previews are ideal for items such as terminal tackle, fly tying tools and materials and apparel items. Previews will sometimes contain initial impressions based upon a staff members use. Please see the Quest Tested and Previews sections for examples.

How does the Quest Testing program work?
The first step is to contact Quest to arrange for the review and discuss whether a Preview or Tested review is right for your product. Once we receive your product, sit back and relax while we do all the hard work! We'll start by photographing your product and conducting an initial review. After the easy stuff is out of the way, we get down to business and take your product fishing! Several staff members will spend a pre-determined amount of time using your product under varying conditions and situations commonly encountered by Great Lakes anglers. Think "Catching fish and taking notes". Staff members then compare their experiences with your product, assign ratings to our 5 testing criteria, and write the review. Before publishing, we return the review to you for comments and feedback.

Will Quest change a review if I don't like it?
Well, yes and no. Will we change the language in the review or add something you think we've left out? Absolutely! Sort of... Quest prides itself on conducting honest and non-biased reviews. Our site visitors depend on our feedback to decide how they'll spend their hard earned money. We'll never publish a review that contains any claim that we don't agree with 100%! However, if you suspect that our language does not accurately reflect our opinions, or that we've overlooked a positive quality of your product, we'll certainly work with you to correct the oversite. If you're just not happy with our opinion of your product, there's not a lot we can do about that. In any case, Quest encourages manufacturers to submit comments on our reviews to be added along with the product information.

My product is (expensive/cheap). Will it get a (better/worse) review?
Quest reviews factor in an items relative cost. If your product is inexpensive but performs well, it will score well. If your product carries a premium price, it should be of premium quality. Basically, Quest believes that you should always get what you pay for!

I'm a retailer not a manufacturer. Can Quest help me?
Sure we can! Retailers can submit products for testing just like manufacturers. What's in it for you? If you're a retailer with a good reputation and a history of strong customer service, Quest will place your logo and link to your web site in the "Where to Buy" portion of the review. Talk about outstanding ad placement!

Wow! How else can Quest benefit me?
We're glad you asked. Quest also offers targeted banner advertising packages tailored around your product or service, as well as customized promotional campaigns designed to meet your companies sales and marketing objectives. Contact us today for details!

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* "The Economic Importance of Sport Fishing" (1996) published by TX Parks and Recreation Dept.
** American Sportfishing Association - angler expenditure by region

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