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Fly Tying Vise
Eric Z.
Manufacturer's Description:
"A culmination of two years of development and testing are the new Cam Series Vises. In addition to all the great features of our standard vises, this latest series features a new set of cam operated jaws. The system is lever actuated with infinitely adjustable jaws. Minimal pressure on the lever holds the hook rock steady. Your tying sequence is never compromised by unwanted hook movement. This new cam system is now available on the Traveler, the Saltwater Traveler, and the Presentation 4000. Pedestal base comes with pockets. Cam Traveler Vises must be ordered for right or left handed tier."

  • Crank arm rotary actuator
  • Aluminum stem and rotary shaft
  • Aluminum rotary head
  • Aluminum bobbin cradle support
  • Black oxide coated jaws
  • Powder coated, cast zinc pedestal base
  • Rotary tension screw

First Impression:
The Traveler is a true rotary vise at an affordable price. The all metal construction was what tipped the scale over a few of the cheaper priced vises. I can see it's going to take a while to get used to a rotary vise. According to comments from other tyers this is one of the best entry level rotary vises made.

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Performance:  5
Construction/Quality:  5

The Traveler is good performer that should do just about everything asked of it. It's main shortfall is it's inability to hold hooks on the larger side of the recommended hook size. The best way to get around this problem is to either purchase the vise with the new cam head or upgrade to it.

A great true rotary vise for less than $150. Probably the number one entry level rotary on the market.

The quality is about what you would expect from a vise under $150. With all metal parts this appears to be a good long term investment, although it's a pretty thin diameter aluminum used on the stem and rotary shaft. While nothing on this vise should give the average tyer a problem for a few years, there are a few areas to watch out for. Excessive and early wear is common on the adjustment and base plate screws, as well as the plastic bushings within the rotary tension adjustment knobs.

The design is pretty good. I'm not crazy about the jaws, although Renzetti claims they hold a large selection of hook sizes. The adjustment knobs on the standard jaws will usually show the first signs of trouble. Most of us have had problems with ours stripping out within the 1st year. The standard jaws also seem to have trouble holding larger hook sizes securely.

With a range of accessories and heads, this is a full featured vise. Heads include midge, tube fly, saltwater, standard and cam. Accessories include a parachute arm, extended body attachment, Au Sable speed crank, spinning attachment, lap extension, bobbin cradle, backdrops, materials clip, and more.

Plus / Minus:
True RotaryBaseplate screw comes loose
ReputationHard to adjust rotary tension
AccessoriesStandard jaw adjustment knobs

For the price, this is the perfect entry level true rotary vise. The Traveler should last the average tyer a long time and be extremely functional. However, if you're planning on tying a lot of flies or very often, then this may not be the best vise for you.

Where to Buy:
Just about anywhere that sells fly gear. Here's a link to Renzetti's home page where you'll find a Dealer Search link.

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Additional Staff Comments:

Long Term Test:
I've tied literally thousand of flies with my Traveler. The only item I've changed is the head. The standard head has lousy screws for adjustment. They're hard to use, won't hold larger hooks very well and break. The small one on mine broke off after a little less than one year. I purchased the new cam head and have been very pleased with it since. Great upgrade albeit a little pricy at almost $70. In hindsite I should have purchased a whole new vise with the new jaws.