Prevent ice in your guides when winter fishing
Stanley's Ice-Off Paste
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Loon Outdoors
Ice-Off Paste
Eric Z.
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"Apply this non-toxic antifreeze paste to line and guides to keep from freezing. It works, ask the Midwest winter steelhead fishermen. Effective to 12 degrees below freezing."

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Looks like lip balm! Even though it's non-toxic, we wouldn't suggest putting it anywhere but on your guides... We've used Ice-Off Paste for several years now and won't leave home without it after mid November. The paste, when applied correctly, will prolong ice formation on your guides for about a half hour (depending on temperature). After clearing your guides of ice, re-apply and it will give you a few extra minutes each time. It might not seem like a few extra minutes is worth it, but trust us... it is! We've had our best luck applying Stanley's Ice-Off Paste the NIGHT BEFORE we fish. Smear it onto the rings of your guides as well as the first 30' or so of line and you'll be in business. Give it a try. You may find it's another product to add to your bag of tricks.

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Stanley's Ice-Off Paste works great for about a half hour. After the first de-icing it make only a small noticable difference.

With a suggested retail price of about $5, it's something every winter angler should have. One container should last most anglers a full season.

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If you fish for anything during the freezing months, this is a product you should at the very least try. We've yet to find anything that works better at keeping ice off your guides, and we spend a lot of time in frozen rivers.

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Check out Loon Outdoors website for further information as well as a Dealer Locator page to find the nearest place to buy Stanleys Ice Off Paste.

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