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Fly Reel
Eric Z.
Manufacturer's Description:
"Our new SR (Speed Retrieve) series reels offer all the versatility and performance required to fit the needs of any angler, novice through seasoned veteran. They feature an extremely large arbor for faster retrieves and less line memory, while an extra-wide titanium-carbide coated spool increases line capacity for greater fishing versatility. The oversized carbon fiber disc drag utilizes a one way clutch bearing to ensure instant engagement and smooth start up when battling big fish. The conveniently large drag adjustment knob is easy to operate, even in cool weather when wearing gloves. Two ball bearings offer silky-smooth operation during retrieves and on line-burning long runs. The SR series is available in three different models to effectively cover all freshwater and in-shore saltwater fishing needs. Converts from right- to left-hand retrieve. Includes free reel pouch. Extra spools are available."

ModelDiameterWt/ozFly Line Rec.Backing
13.0"6.725-680 yds./20 lb.
23.7"7.367-8150 yds./20 lb.
34.2"11.59-10170 yds./30 lb.

First Impression:
WOW, I like the looks of this reel. The price seems a little too good to be true, but seems a little high for a private label knock off from Cabela's.

Ratings: (out of 10)
CriteriaRating # 
Performance:  8
Construction/Quality:  8

Simply a great performing reel, hands down.Tight, precise and quick - excellent drag.

Within the top of the moderately priced reels, a great value for the money and one you'll be happy with.

Overall, I've got nothing much to say in this area. It's constructed well and I've had no problems or concerns. All parts, screws and finish have remained in place and are holding up well.

Nice design on these reels. I like the large arbor, like the coating on the entire reel; cleans very easily. The drag knob is pretty easy to use, although I'm not too crazy about the screw in the center of it to change out spools. That must have been a cost savings step or something as it's one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. I'm undecided on the large holes throughout the spool and reel. I'm sure it adds to the overall light weight of the reel and does make cleaning/rinsing the reel very easy, but at the same time they also allow dirt and debris in; although I haven't had a problem that a quick dunk in the river couldn't fix. The drag design is improved over many other reels and quite a bit better than I expected for a reel in this price class.

With an oversized drag this reel can put the brakes to just about any fish, within limits in regards to the reel size. I thoroughly enjoy smacking the spool and having it wind in many yards of line all by itself, great run! Also, the drag is very smooth and constant.

Plus / Minus:
Reel PriceSpool change out
Cabela's return policyLongevity of support
Spool runSpare spool cost

Overall a great reel for the price. This reel is one of the better deals out there, an affordable large arbor with a very decent drag system. If you can remember not to change out spools in the middle of the stream/lake you'll love this reel.

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Spare Spool Pricing:
SR-1Spare Spool$79.99
SR-2Spare Spool$84.99
SR-3Spare Spool$89.99

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Long Term Test:
I've had my SR-1 going on 3 years now, use it for a good 6 months out of the year and it's still working perfectly. The drag is still flawless, the cage is tight, and it's taken the abuse of knocking around the boats and truck very well.

Wow, the reels going on 4 years now and still not one problem with it. It's still tight, the drag still performs flawlessly, and the anodizing is still holding up. Definitely a great buy!