Snowbee XS Waders
Last Update: 10/05
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XS Breathable Waders
Eric Z.
Manufacturers Description:
"This top range wader model uses the very best breathable material available - DuPont Supplex®. An ultra soft Supplex Nylon outer shell, laminated to a high performance Breathable Membrane, using our Vapour-Tec® Moisture Transfer System, allowing rapid vapour transfer to keep you cool, dry and comfortable all day.

Supplex is specially engineered by DuPont to provide the soft, supple touch of cotton, with the strength, durability and performance advantages of nylon. Finer multiple filaments make Supplex flexible, lightweight and around 30% softer than standard nylon fabrics. It is also as strong as it is soft, resisting abrasion, punctures and tears. Our new XS Wader surpasses the specification of many of the top brand American models, but at a realistic price."

    Wader Features:
  • Double layer knee and seat pads ensure protection against abrasion and puncture damage when kneeling, or sitting.
  • American style cutting puts all the leg seams up the outside, to avoid chafe.
  • Bib style wader top, with adjustable, elasticated braces with quick release clips.
  • Braces have Velcro panels at the front and rear, so the braces can be removed completely, allowing the waders to be rolled down to form a waist wader, using the belt supplied.
  • Front Velcro flap pocket.
  • Additional, removable front accessory pocket for fly boxes, tippet spools, zingers etc.
  • Full lumbar support wading belt for added wading comfort all day long.
  • Fitted with our unique PVC sock for longer life and better reliability.

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Performance:  5
Construction/Quality:  5

I've had no performance issues with these waders. They do all they're billed to.

At the top end of the wader market I'm not sure these will compete with Simms. See the design comments.

These waders seem to be very well constructed.

While the breathable portion of the wader is super comfortable and has worn well over the past several months the booties are a different story. Being rubber they have serious issues. Unless you perfectly match the booties, socks and boots they're going to fold up/crease in your boots which makes for very uncomfortable wading. Also they tend to be very cold even in warmer weather. The sewn in belt loops are kind of a waste as they're going to be either too high for most people. I haven't used them, preferring to position the wading belt well below the loops.

The belt with built in back belt is a nice touch, makes those long days on the water more comfy! As stated in the design comments the rubber booties are a killer for the XS's.

Plus / Minus:
Uppers are comfortableCut seems to be small
Back beltBOOTIES!

Quite honestly I wouldn't waste money on this series of waders. Again, the rubber booties have serious issues. It seemed like a great idea when I got them but I quickly changed my mind after a couple uses.

Manufacturer Info:
For more information on the Snowbee XS waders, check out Snowbee's website.

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