Pro-Pull 6000lb DC Winch
Last Update: 08/05
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6000lb DC Winch
Eric Z.
Manufacturers Description:
"Pulls 'rolling' loads up to 3 tons. Handles boats to 4800 lbs. Slotted mounting plate fits over hitch ball. Connects to vehicle's 12 Volt DC battery. Has emergency hand crank, 30 feet of 3/16in. wire cable, safety hook and 10-foot remote. One year limited warranty."

  • Weight capacity: 6000 Lbs. at 0 degrees (rolling load capacity)
  • Marine capacity: 4800 Lbs. Maximum boat size: up to 18ft.
  • Line speed: 3ft. per minute with full load and 6ft. per minute with no load
  • Mounting plate for hitch ball mount
  • Power in and free wheels out
  • 20 Amp draw @ 6000 Lb. capacity
  • Overall dimensions: 9 1/2in. x 8in. x 8in. without shaft and 9 1/2in. x 10in. x 8in. with shaft
  • Gear reduction ration: 114:1
  • 15ft. wiring harness included
  • Single line capacity: 1200 lbs Double line capacity : 2300 lbs.
First Impression:
A 6,000 lb winch for under $100? We gotta give this a try. I've been looking for an electric winch to aid in recovery at some of those questionable launch sites which involve a big hill! I found this one at my local Superstore in the Automotive department for about $99...Seemed like a good deal that just might work out well.

Ratings: (out of 10)
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Performance:  2
Construction/Quality:  3

Either I got a lemon or this 6,000 lb winch can't handle pulling a 300 pound drift boat back up on the trailer! It's fine if most of the trailers in the water but if you need to pull the boat up an incline, then up on the trailer you might find yourself pushing from behind. The clutch mechanism is sub-standard at best, it slips, locks up and just plain doesn't work very well. Mounting was something of a trick, while it says it's got a universal mounting system the bolt holes didn't line up which was expected, but worse yet was the fact it was almost impossible to get the bolts into the housing and down into the holes. There's not a lot of room inside the housing and it doesn't come off.

A great price IF it delivered what it promised.

Cheaply made, but what do you expect for less than a hundred bucks.

Other than the design problems with bolt/mounting issue the only other major flaw would be both plugs (remote control and power) constantly come out. Both must be plugged in to the winch for use. Either the male end is too small or the female end is too big. I thought that the sub-zero weather may have had something to do with the plugs constantly falling out till I used it this summer. They still come out with the slightest movement.

While it does come with a receiver ball mount and a few other things this winch doesn't have a lot of features, again what do you expect for the price.

Plus / Minus:

Might work well on the front of a Big-Wheel! Save you money and buy a Warn.

Where to Buy:
Other than your local superstore we're not sure. We did a google search for "Pro-Pull Winch" and came up with only 4 pages, mostly E-Bay and other internet auction pages...perhaps that should tell us something ;-)

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