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Last Update: 07/30/03
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Fly Tying Accessories
13 Watt Mag. Lamp
Chris H.
Manufacturer's Description:
  • This unique TrueColor™ OTT-LITE® is engineered to include a 2X magnifier -- great for checking the accuracy
  • The TrueColor™ light lets you see colors and details accurately indoors, to create Flies that look more realistic outdoors
  • Easily adjusts for right or left handed use
  • Magnifier retracts to store in its unique compartment
  • Now available, new magnifier attachment for reading (Sold separately... see product number MAG1XACE)
  • Patented Ott-Lite Truecolor bulb
  • Hideaway 2x magnifier
  • Rotating base plate

First Impression:
I had been looking for a good desk lamp for tying flies for a while, and heard some hype on the Ott-Lite. When I saw the prices for these lights, I was initially turned off by it. But after hearing some of the praises from friends about the advantages of tying under a true-color bulb, I started looking for the best price. Once I tried it, I liked having a light that didn't take up much room on my tying table, and also having clear light to work with.

Ratings: (out of 10)
CriteriaRating # 
Performance:  8
Construction/Quality:  8

The Ott-Lite carries a pretty hefty price tag. Spend some time looking around though and you can usually find them at a discount (see below).

The design of the Ott-Lite is pretty simplistic. Swing it open and it turns on automatically. The built-in 2x magnifier and sliding shade are nice extras. It would be nice if the light could be adjusted vertically, but other models of the Ott-Lite provide for that type of application. It's also a little difficult to find the correct amount of tension for keeping the lampshade in the position you want it in. The Truecolor bulbs claim to fame is that it provides a "special phosphor blend that is perfect for color-critical applications." For discriminating tiers, this bulb offers superior contrast in colors.

Plus / Minus:
Soft, clear lightNo vertical adjustment
Magnifying lensPrice
Rotating base 
Compact size 

These lights are great, but probably not necessary for casual tiers. If you have the extra cash lying around, this light is definitely king of the hill for tying lamps.

Where to Buy:
A few fly shops may carry a limited supply of Ott-Lite products. A good place to find a wide variety in stock is at JoAnn Fabrics craft stores. My sister gave me a 50% off coupon for the store, so it might be a good idea to look for coupons and shop around.

Here's a link to the Ott-Lite website. Product descriptions and "Where to buy" are easily found.

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