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Outboard Motor
4 Stroke 6hp
Eric Z.
Manufacturers Description:
"The 6 hp 4-stroke is the perfect choice when you need big power in a small package! This fuel conscious outboard comes loaded with standard features which include a 12 liter (3.1 U.S. gallon) external/separate fuel tank, shallow water drive to help maneuverability in low water levels, through-the-prop exhaust for quiet operation, and a compression release device on the pull cord for quick, easy starts every time. This outboard even comes with a visible oil pressure indicator, located on the front motor cover for convenience, to warn you of a possible low oil level.At Nissan, our 6 hp 4-stroke provides all of the features in an outboard that make your days boating the kind of days that keep bringing you back!"

Cross Flow Induction, CD Ignition System, Stainless Steel Water Pump Housing, Start-In-Gear Protection, Thermostatically Controlled Cooling System, Through-The-Prop Exhaust, Shallow Water Drive.

ControlsTiller Handle
Gear ShiftForward-Neutral-Reverse
Propeller7" - 9"
Transom Height15", 20"
Fuel MixUnleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)
Oil TypeSAE 10W-30/40 (SF, SG, SH, SJ)
Fuel Tank12 Liters (3.1 US gals) Separate Tank
Weight55 lbs. (25 kgs)
LightingOptional: 12V 60W 5A
RPM Range5,000-6,000
Displacement123cc (7.5 cu. in.)
Bore & Stroke59 x 45mm (2.32 x 1.77in.)
Gear Ratio2.15:1

First Impression:
Iíve been looking for a small motor for both the drift boat as well as a kicker for my larger boat. I decided on this motor due to Nissans small engine reputation amongst angers. Many of the trollers on the big lakes use them. This will be the first 4 stroke Iíve owned. I was satisfied with the price. Quite a bit cheaper than the Mercs. Engine controls are easily accessible, spark plug and shear pin replacement is a snap. I like the fact the motor is ported to fully drain, great feature for the winter anglers. I also like the standard Nissan 4 stroke 4 year warranty.

Ratings: (out of 10)
CriteriaRating # 
Performance:  5
Construction/Quality:  5

I canít honestly say thereís nothing I donít like about the performance. Cold weather starts are a breeze, a couple pumps of the primer ball, full choke and within 2 or 3 pulls it starts right up. Warm starts are generally one pull mostly without the choke.

One of the cheaper motors out there with decent features. You can get better features and options but the price point will definitely be affected.

A well constructed outboard with a good reputation within the small motor faction.

The design is pretty standard among all the motors in this price range. Not much to say in this area.

I do wish they would include a kill switch and gear shift on the tiller. Itís a long way to reach if youíre using a jack-plate. Merc is the only one to incorporate these design features on some of their motors but youíll definitely pay for the refinement.

Plus / Minus:
LightweightWish it had a kill switch on the tiller
PriceWish it had gear shift on the tiller
Warranty (4 years) 
Fuel Consumption 

This being the first 4 stroke Iíve owned itís kind of hard to compare it against anything Iíve run prior. I love the fuel consumption of the new 4 strokes. This motor is a pretty good deal for the money, not the top of the line Merc, but then again it was several hundred dollars cheaper. It pushes my 14í drift boat along with ease at only a little over half throttle; with 4 in the boat it takes just about all she's got to run upstream in a quickly flowing river. I've also put a good number of hours on it pushing the 17' Deep-V. No problems there at all, great fuel efficiency and no major problems to speak of. Look to the long term test for further comments, problems, and remarks.

Where to Buy:
Hit Nissans dealer search page to find a dealer near you.Nissan Marine Dealer Search page

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Additional Staff Comments:

Long Term Test:
Iíve run the motor a couple dozen times so far with no problems. About the only item Iíve added to the motor is a handle extender; works great. Excellent gas consumption rate, very quiet and it doesnít leave that 2-Stroke smoke trail and oil slick everywhere.

Had my first problem with the motor this month. After I got the drifter launched, people in, gear stowed I found that the fuel line connector had broken off. I spent the better part of a couple hours down on the Lake Erie shoreline stopping at marinas and trying to find a Nissan Dealer. After wasting more time than I cared to, I was informed the only place that might have parts would be Cabela's in Dundee... Took the broken part into Cabela's the next day and ordered the replacement part which was still under warranty. I did talk with the Nissan Rep who just happened to be in the store. I've gotta say he didn't know anything about the motors he sells and was no help what-so-ever. The guys at Cabela's did help me out luckily. I got the part about a week later, installed it and have had no further problems. This "event" is making me think about why I purchased a Nissan vs. a Merc. There aren't too many places around the state that stock replacement parts for Nissan, for Merc there's a ton of em.