Lowe Roughneck 1756vt Jet Sled
Comments on Individual Options & Upgrades:
Part of the fun, or hassle depending on your point of view, is picking out all the options for a new boat. Good informed decisions and a well equiped and layed out boat can make a huge impact on it's useability. Here's the option list I decided on with the help of a few of my jet sled owning friends.

Hull & Boat:
Lowe Roughneck Tunnel HullTunnel Hull
Not even realy an option in my mind. While you will draft a inch or so more water at rest it's main bennifit easily out weigh that inch. In my mind the main pro to a tunnel hull is that it protects the jet intake by allowing it to sit above the hull of the boat. It also won't pick up as much gravel, grass and other debris in shallow water which will result in longer impeller life. Another plus, or perhaps a minus depending on how you look at it, is the minor increased tracking in turns... not that I noticed a difference when I slid it out by mistake!

Lowe Roughneck Riser/Splash GuardRear Riser / Splash Guard
The rear riser is pretty much required for the tunnel to lift the outboard up into the proper position, it's the same thing as a jackplate. It's a factory installed option and can be ordered with pretty much any of the welded roughneck series. The splash guard prevents spray from coming up between the tunnel and jet. Also it increases performance by channeling more water to the jet intake, preventing or at least limiting cavatation.

Sea Arc Center ConsoleStandup Center Console
Stand up or sit down, center, front, rear, tiller, remote....there's a ton of options/placements for where you want to controll your boat from. Personaly I dislike tillers, especialy when running shallow rivers which I don't know. I've seen more than one person alomst get dumped off the bow while watching for rocks while the guy in the back steers the boat. Why not put the steering point in the same place as the look out? Sounds like a heck of an idea! With the standup console up front it's easy to see just what your going to hit in a split second ;-) As well your friends will appreciate not having to play lookout and being tossed from the bow! On the down side the console does take up space not only on the floor plan but in the verticle plane as well, flycasters in the front of the boat will especaily notice this. It does present somewhat of a casting obsticle but all things taken into account I think it'll be a small price to pay for the better vantage point. One additional advantage, if your run by yourself a lot you'll appreciate having the weight towards the front and centered rather than off to one side or all in the rear.

Sea Arc Windscreen & GrabrailWindscreen & Grabrail
A standup center console without a windscreen looks kinda' redicilous, so I did opt for the "Bug Shield". As well as providing some protection from our windged friends it'll also cut the wind, snow, sleet and rain that I love to fish in so often. I do much of my fishing after most fair weather anglers have packed it in for the winter and realy do appreciate the wind block on those frigid days.

Dual 6 Gallon Fuel TanksTwin 6 Gallon Gas Tanks
I opted for dual smaller tanks for several reasons. Taking out a 12+ gallon tank to refill it is not the most pleasant of tasks. Also, if something were to go wrong with one tank there's always a spare, not to mention just about every mega store carries this size tank. There is the option of installing factory saddle tanks which are pretty slick, hold 16 gallons, and are out of the way BUT they'll set you back about $900.

2 Flip Down Rail Mounted Seats
A couple spots to flop your rear when in gear. Nothing fancy at all but it is nice to have a secure, stable place to sit when your moving. There are other options for seating like movable boxes with storage underneath, as well as the old folding chair deal but I tend to favor something that's not going to move around when your sliding through a turn! The rail system make it convienient to add or remove a seat in a flash.

Electronics & Controlls:
Lowrance X-47Lowrance X-47 Depth Finder
This low cost fish finder seemed to fit the bill very well. Small and compact it doesn't take up much room on the center console. I do like the built in water temperature feature; doesn't require a seperate second sensor. I wouldn't pick this for a lake boat or anywhere I needed to do hi speed scouting due to the small screen, but where depth is a "nice to know" and space is limited it works out well.

Bilge & Navigation LightsBilge Pump, Navigation Lights
Just a couple comfort items, not much to say other than that for the minor price there nice to have. I did opt for the manual bilge instead of the automatic.

Binnacle ControllsEngine Controlls
With the center console and my aversion to tillers engine remote controlls were necessary. I upgraded from the standard controls to Binnacles. Better made, more comfortable and most importantly mounted on top of the console, not the side. Additionaly that "option" came with a key switch which I'm not totaly sure is necessary as a key is just one more thing to loose or forget!

24 Volt River Anchor24 Volt River Anchor
Next to the jetpump this is one of the most important accessories you'll need to consider. From what I've seen the one that's on the boat is a knock off of a "River Larry" which more than likely is a knock off on someone elses and so on. Fact is as long as it does it's job I realy don't care who made it. I did get two suggestions on anchors; get the 24V system and watch where they mount the breakers. A 24V system ,as opposed to 12v, will last longer and allow more use due to the fact it's got twice the amount of battery life/power. I've heard that a 24v system is faster and quieter but I tend to think thats more based on the individual motors and not the power system per se. Breaker location is pretty crucial, if you ever trip it/them your anchor system is inoperable until they're reset. Depending on where the breakers are located will dictate how much of a pain it is...keep em' easily reachable.

Batteries & On-Board ChargerBatteries and Charger
With a 24v system and the outboard I needed to hide 3 batteries as well as an onboard charger. The cranking battery is a no brainer, it would be located just infront of the outboard. The 2 deep cycle batteries would have to go where ever space allowed. The front hatch was the only viable solution. This placement would offer a couple benefits. First, more weight would be kept forward avoiding the dreaded stern overloading problem. Also, access would be easy, but not so easy as to allow them to come up missing from the local burger shack parking lot. Additionaly, it would allow a shorter wire run to the anchor...BUT dictate a longer one to the trolling motor. It all boiled down to where they would best fit and be out of the way. Along with the batteries I had a dual bank 10Amp onboard charger hidden in the same front compartment. I have a tripple on my walleye boat and love it. No more searching for or forgetting the charger...just remember to bring an extention cord on roadtrips!

90 HP Evinrude Etek and Jetpump90 Etek & Jet Pump
Wonder what the heck made this boat so expensive? So's my wife ;-) Well, this is one of the big dollar items where you can either save a few bucks or spend a few extra and get a lot of bennefits. The Etek is reletivelty new to the market, in fact as I'm writing this the mid-range HP models like the 115 & 135 are slotted to come out sometime next month. Already out and tested pretty well are the smaller and larger models up to the awesome 250! For a complete write up and long term test on this outboard check out "Quest Tested - Evinrude 90HP E-TEC"

Minkota Vector24v 70lb Minkota Vector Transom Mount
Bow mount, transom mount or oars? How/Do you want to position your boat without cranking up the jet? Origionaly I had layed this boat out with a bow mount. However, when I did the actual layout with everything else it was obvious it was going to take up a vast amount of front deck space, something that's very valuable and in short supply. The only other true option was a transom mount. I know this is going to cause issues when running plugs but I'll make due. For positioning, control from the bow is far superior than from the transom but if you don't want to loose the space your choices are pretty much non-existant.

Karavan Galvanized Roller TrailerTrailer
First of all Galvanized is the ONLY way to go if you intend on loging any amount of winter trailer time here in the midwest. Road salt will eat a conventional painted trailer in a couple years even with a good washdown after every outing. It's only a couple bucks more, $300 for this trailer, but it's money well spent if you plan on keeping it for any length of time.

Roller TrailerRollers vs. Bunks... Since I often find myself at "launch ramps" that are a bit on the undermaintained side and in addition with the lack of water here lately I opted for a roller trailer. There are several places I launch my Hyde from that I end up pushing it off the trailer. Now unless I've got a few friends with me I'll never get the sled off a bunked trailer in low water. It will however roll right off with the slightest push. It's been a while since I've had a roller trailer and it does take a different methodology to launch and recover. Down, out and off is the easiest, just remember to leave the winch strap on till your down the incline! Recovering took a minute to remember, I'm so broken into driving the boat up onto the bunks and having it stay there. With help it's very easy but with one person it does take some getting use to. I ended up with a new remote control electric winch which makes recovery effortless, and I gotta say it, kinda fun for us gadget minded people! Look for a preview on the RC-23 soon. Other options on the trailer are a swing tonge, which save about 19" on total length, and both side bunks and posts which greatly aid in keeping the boat on the trailer and centered in swift current.

Powerwinch RC23Powerwinch RC-23 Remote Control Winch
Ya, it's remote controlled! The RC23 uses a FOB just like you've probably got for your car, it also has a manual crank if things go wrong. Check out the POWER WINCH preview page for additional information.

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