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Evinrude E-TEC Saltwater 90
Last Update: 6/26/05
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Outboard Jet
E-TEC Saltwater 90
$8,650 base
$10,200 with Jet Pump
Eric Z.
Manufacturer's Description:
"Saltwater boaters are a breed apart, willing to stand up to some of the harshest conditions the planet can produce. Of course, they need equipment that's as durable as they are. Evinrude E-TEC Saltwater Editions fit the bill with virtually indestructible stainless steel parts and extensive DeepGuard corrosion protection.

Saltwater Editions use a stainless steel steering tube, steering arm, pivot shaft, drive shaft, prop shaft and fasteners.

Each Saltwater Edition outboard goes through 14 washing and rinsing cycles, a conversion coating, sealer, baked on strontium chromate primer, and baked-on high solids melamine top coat. The Electro Deposition Paint creates an extremely durable barrier for added protection in a harsh marine environment. Low copper alloy used in the aluminum casing and a split-line gear case further resists and reduces corrosion. And sacrificial zinc anodes absorb the elements of corrosion to protect all operational components."

Shaft Length25"
TypeInline 3 cylinder Direct Inject
Trim & TiltPower
Horsepower90 at prop
Warranty3 year; limited
Jet PumpSpecialty Mfg. Co. 60

First Impression:
After justifying the extra couple thousand dollar price difference we were impressed with the E-TEC. Supposedly over a couple years time It'll actually save money. The three main money saving areas are no maintenance for 3 years, uses 30-70% less oil than other motors, and has the gas consumption rate of a 4 stroke; we'll see how true Evinrudes claims are.

The first time we had the opportunity to test drive an E-TEC we were surprised by several things. First, there was almost no startup smoke and oil slick. It was a lot quieter than what we had expected for a 2 stroke, and it was almost scary fast out of the hole even with the prop replaced by a jet pump. One of the other motors in our stables has been a Mercury 90 2 stroke, we've been running that one hard for several years and could see a big difference in the two! Our only concern is that it's just like a car now, all computer driven even down to the "Speed Adjusting Failsafe Electronics"...whatever that is ;-)

Ratings: (out of 10)
CriteriaRating # 
Gas/Oil Consumption:8

Overall performance is a bit better than what we expected. Even "downgraded" with a jet pump this motor has more than enough power to get you up on plane in a matter of feet, awesome gas consumption, and even more impressive oil consumption.

Like we stated earlier it was a bit more up front cost than either a traditional 2 stroke or a 4 stroke, but if the performance holds we can see how you'll recoop the additional cost in oil and gas alone.

We've had no issues with either, but keep in mind we've only been running it for less than a year.

Gas/Oil Consumption:
The only thing you can say is WOW. The flip side of the coin with oil consumption is that the oil it uses is about $35-40 per gallon!

Again, no problems.

All the latest whiz bang features you expect out of the newest offering from Evinrude. Most you're not going to be aware of like the engines ability to make up to 8 million fuel calculations per second and deliver just the right amount. Some you will, like the NO scheduled maintenance for 3 years and NO break in! One thing we did notice a difference in is the power trim/tilt speed difference between the 2004 and 2005 models. The '05 models from 40hp-115hp, have a one speed trim/tilt, a slow lift all the way up. The 05's over 115 they are the same as all of the '04 models, they have a two stage lift. They trim slowly out of the water then hit a "speed stage" and tilt the rest of the way up. If you've ever done a lot of fishing or running in heavy weeds or leaves you'd come to appreciate a fast up and down motor. In talking with Evinrude I guess they changed manufacturers of the trim/tilt and that's the way all the 40-115HP 2005's are made. Over 115 you still get the Trak-3 (faster dual stage lift).

We've have not had to use Evinrudes support yet.

Plus / Minus:
oil/gas consumption


For More Info:
Check out Evinrudes website for complete descriptions, options and model information.

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Additional Staff Comments:
Check back for additional and continuing information while we do the long term testing.

Long Term Test:

06/26/06: It's now been over 6 months since we got our hands on the E-Tec. It's still one of our favorite motors hands down. Absolutely no problems this past fall or winter and god knows we ran in some pretty cold and miserable weather in January and February on the river. Still starts with one turn, uses so little gas and oil it still amazes us. We're definitely looking forward to continuing to test this motor.

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