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Last Update: 9/05
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Dan Bailey
Yellowstone Guide
Eric Z.
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"Designed for the guides and serious anglers fishing the big waters near Livingston, Montana. Our new Yellowstone guide waders provide greatly enhanced durability without sacrificing comfort. Thanks to an integrated system of coating and laminates over tough 909 fabric, our new wader provides maximum abrasion resistance while maintaining superior breathability. With our exclusive outer seam design, articulated knees, built in gravel guards, built in wide belt and other features, this is the most advanced wader available today. It introduced a combination of coatings and laminates. Coatings are superior in waterproofness and laminates are superior in breathability. This combination improves both the durability and the breathability of the waders. The outside layer is 909 micro fiber, then a layer of coating, then a layer of laminate and the final layer is nylon tricot."

  • Highly Breathable
  • Double Lower Leg & Articulated Knee
  • Highly Puncture Resistant
  • Built in Gravel Guards, Waist Belt

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Performance:  5
Construction/Quality:  7

Well, this is the area that most of us have problems with. I can happily report I've had absolutely no problems with the performance of these waders in the 15 months I've been using them. They're still perfectly waterproof, no seam leaks, and no worn spots in the neoprene. Only one small rip in the material which luckily was in the top layer of the knee patch... By the way, don't let relatives borrow your waders! The gravel guards were a bit on the short side which forced me to buy a shorter top boot; Chota's fit just fine! Other than that the performance was and continues to be everything that Bailey claims.

At $299 they're not the cheapest, but not even close to the most expensive. To me, at this price point these waders must endure at least 2 years of my abuse; well see!

These waders seem to be very well constructed. One of the first issues I generally have is with the tape seams leaking around the booties, that hasn't happened yet.

While there's nothing super new in these waders, there are 2 design features that are firsts for me, the integrated belt and gravel guards. Both are good ideas for some, but depending on certain factors you may, or may not, like either. I did have to buy different wading boots due to the low top on the gravel guard. Not a biggie as I really did need new boots anyway, but if you're not expecting it... Also, the belt is a nice safety feature, and being part of the waders it gives you no opportunity to loose it!.

The only new feature would be the ENTRANT-HB fabric. I'm sure this new material is great but honestly from a laymens stand point I can't tell the difference; sorry Bailey.

Plus / Minus:
ToughCut seems to be Huge
Gravel GuardsGravel Guards
Built in Belt

So far the Yellowstones seem to be a good quality wader at an affordable price. They were designed to compete head to head with the top of the line Simms, but at a much lower price; seems like they're doing that just fine. I'm pretty hard on my gear, waders included, and so far I'm mildly impressed with their performance. I'll continue to use and abuse em' so check back in a couple months and see if they survived the spring!

Manufacturers Info:
For info on these waders along with many other products, chcek out Dan Bailey online.

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Schmidt Outfitters

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Long Term Test:
FAILURE! - Both seams on the inner leg have failed within a month of each other. There's no rips, tears, or other signs of damage done. What started with a slow seap has become a major leak that'll soak ya to the skin in 5 minutes. With only 2 years and 8 months of service I've gotta say I expected them to last a bit longer, especialy at thier price point.