silicon fly line dressing - restore old fly lines
Backcountry Special Delivery Silicone Fly Line Dressing
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Fly Line Dressing
Backcountry Labs
Special Delivery
Eric Z.
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"Special Delivery Spray-on Silicone Fly Line Dressing - the perfect 'on the water' quick-fix dressing. Quick and easy, the silicone and polymer solution is sprayed directly on the line while still on the reel. Overcomes the build-up of surface oils, dirt, salt and sediment and helps maximize fly line shooting and casting distance. Fly line friendly. Convenient size fits into all tackle bags and most vests. "

First Impression:
I got turned onto this fly line dressing while fishing with my dad down in Florida. Warm water, algae, trampling in sand, and sharp coral kills a fly line quicker than anything else we know of. While nothing replaces a new fly line, a couple sprays of Special Delivery returns your line to as close to new as you can get.

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Performance:  8

What an amazing difference this stuff makes. Take a beat up fly line that's lost most of it's coating, give it a spray or two and it's like new.

With a suggested retail price of about $9, it's something no fly angler should be without, especially if you're fishing the salt or any other warm algae infested water.

Plus / Minus:
PerformanceVery Slick

Another product you just gotta have. This can add big time distance to most anglers casts due to sticky or beat up line. The only issue you need to watch out for is it's so slick I've missed strip-strikes more than once due to my slippery fingers! I do wish it would last longer after each application. Down in southern Florida, Tarpon fishing in the back canals, I was having to re-apply the dressing every 15 minutes. Granted the line I was using shoulda been replaced long ago, but even with newer lines it wears off pretty quickly. All and all it's still something I won't leave home without!

Where to Buy:
Most good fly shops will carry Special Delivery. If you can't find it locally it can be purchased at Bass Pro Shops as well as at some Orvis stores.

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