Outdoor Clothing
Snowbee XS Waders; Tested Snowbee XS Waders
A new design from Snowbee, see how they fared on the Scales of Justice!
Bailey Yellowstones Waders
Looking for good waders at a reasonable price? Try Dan Bailey's new breathables.
Fly Fishing Gear
SA Steelhead Taper Fly Line
Trying to find a great cold weather Steelhead fly line? Look no further!
Stanley's Ice-Off Paste Stanley's Ice-Off Paste
Cold temps? Not a problem! Keep your guides free from ice this winter.
Teton Fly Reels
A great looking fly reel with lots of high-end features for less then $200? Too good to be true?
Frog Fanny Floatant
There's a new fly floatant on the market with a funny name, Frog Fanny!
Ross BG-4
Put to the test - Ross Big Game 4 Fly Reel. A lifetime reel at a reasonable price.
Cabela's SR Fly Reels
Ever wonder if a $170.00 large arbor reel is to good to be true? We tried to break it for ya!
Silicon Fly Line Dressing Backcountry Special Delivery
A convenient silicon fly line dressing that could add serious distance to your casts.
Center Pin & Float Fishing Gear
Islander Centerpin
I've been using this reel for 5+ years during all four seasons with absolutely...
Hanson Centerpin Reel
The newest center pin on the market is hand made right here in the Great Lakes. See how it rates.
Bob James Centerpin Reel
A good looking reel, with all the features you would want. Well constructed and tough; check it out!
Boats & Accessories
Evinrude E-Tec
A 2 stroke with better gas/oil consumption than a 4 stroke?
Lowe Roughneck Jet Sled
A custom built river jet sled with off the shelf parts...
Pro-Pull Electric Winch
A low cost winch option? Find out in our "Tested" writeup.
Hyde 14' 6" Low Profile
Abused! Detailed review of one of the most popular drift boats around.
Nissan 4 Stroke Motor
Looking for an inexpensive 4-stroke? This could be the one.
Fly Tying
The Rolls Royce of fly tying lamps or overpriced cr@p? We'll be the judge!
Renzetti Traveler
Fit to be tied! A true rotary vise that won't break the bank.
As rotory as it gets! See how this rotary vise differs from all the rest.