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Trout Bum Diaries
Volume I: Patagonia

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Two Thumbs WAY Up !
Producers Overview:
“This video documents the voyage of four trout bums on an epic fly fishing expedition across Argentina and Chile. Do 5 pound brook trout in a creepy middle earth style forest appeal to you? Broken windows and snapped axles? Uniquely colored brown trout from a wind-swept spring creek? Stripping mouse patterns for big rainbows with flamingos and the ghosts of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid catch your interest? Crystal-clear New Zealand style rivers with big trout? Horse-packing trips into glacial rivers? Tierra Del Fuego and the sea-run brown trout of the south? Pure fishing entertainment?”

The Low Down:
After getting a chance to see the teaser video that was given out as a promotion at the Denver Fly Tackle show last year, I was eagerly awaiting the full length DVD release. The DVD case looked intriguing, and the thought of some good ole’ big fish footage is always welcome.

This film didn’t stop running until all of the bonus features were played. Not only are the hardships and spirit of the journey captured, but the camera views of the fish were excellent as well. I especially liked the underwater shots of fish refusing nymphs—awesome! I can’t find any negatives about this film. My only wish is that the film was as long as their trip. These four guys lived the dream of every hard-core trout fisherman, and succeeded in providing a breath of fresh air into an otherwise stale genre of fishing DVD’s.

Where to Buy:
This product is making its way onto the shelves of most fly shops. If your local shop doesn’t carry it, they will soon. Otherwise, you can find it at the website listed below.

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AEG Media

Additional Staff Comments:
So how long can you play a DVD before it wears out? I've had my copy in my PC playing while I work for almost a week now! This is one video you'll love to play over and over again. Great camera work, awesome scenery, and even better fish! You'll not only love the angling aspect of this video but the real life stuff as well like their poor jeep that's constantly breaking down and "Nick Whipping Lens" Absolutely HILARIOUS! My only question is how can I get 5 months off to fish with these guys?