Tackle Type:
Super Singles Milking Eggs
Water Wizard Tackle Company
Manufacturer's Description:
"Super Singles are designed to milk natural egg oils while being fished on a short shank hook in sizes 16, 14,12 or 10. They are water activated and will soften and clarify yet are durable as they are being fished. They can be used as a scent by simply spearing the egg and squeezing out the inner gel to coat a fly, jig, or lure to mask human scent. The process to produce this egg involves no harsh chemicals to guarantee a more natural appearance and scent. Conveniently stored in a handy flip-top vial makes for dry and easy storage in your vest or tackle box with no refrigeration needed. Color-coded dots on top of vials for easy color identification. Single egg fishing is especially effective when water is low and clear and smaller baits with lighter leaders are needed. These eggs are also dynamite when used for ice fishing panfish, whitefish, etc."

Available in Large (Natural, Orange, Hot Pink and Yellow) or Small (Natural).
Singles - Approximately 25-30 eggs per vial.

The Low Down:
Just another pre-packaged spawn product or could this be the next best thing since the introduction of graphite rods? We'll put em' to the test and let ya know...

Here's our initial impression:

EZ -Upon first glance it looked like yet another cured spawn product flooding the market today... then I opened the bottle! WOW, they look, feel and SMELL like real spawn. They even exude oils when you squish em' just like the real deal. It wasn't until a couple days later that Great Lakes Tackle Supply shot me an email and told me they were real- no wonder! I had the opportunity to try them out on the river one day and even though I didn't end up taking a fish on them (Very slow day, only one fish taken on a plug!) I will use them again. They maintaine their color and even tended to wash out and "shell" like the real deal after a while. I can't wait to try them out again with a few more fish in the system!

After we have a chance to really test em' out
you'll see them in the Quest Tested section.

Manufacturer Info:
Check out the Great Lakes Tackle Supplies website for further information.

Where to Buy:
Check out Float Fishing Specialties website for on-line ordering.