Siglon F - It Floats! Product:
Tackle Type:
Sunline Co., Ltd.
Terminal Tackle - Line
$12.99 - $28.99
Manufacturers Description:
"Siglon-F fluorescent fishing line offers an unsurpassed performance due to a unique process that fills in the spaces between the nylon molecules with resin. As a result, Siglon-F is moisture proof, curl-free, strong, and shock-resistant; the ideal fishing line. A special technique also prevents the fluorescent color of the line from fading."
  • The resin-reinforcement process minimizes moisture adsorption and keeps the line from stiffening, swelling, or weakening.
  • Siglon-F offers another tremendous advantage: it's unaffected by ultraviolet rays. Thus, it remains strong and flexible no matter how long or how often it's used.

Strength (lbs.)DiameterSRP
1.5-100.104-0.2612.99 / 300yds
12-150.285-0.3313.99 / 300yds
20-270.37-0.43518.99 / 300yds
30-500.47-0.6225.99 / 300yds
60-800.66-0.7428.99 / 300yds

The Low Down:
Orange, huh? I'm assuming there's a reason for using a fluorescent orange line. Until I figure that out I guess it's the only source for floating mono. The line's very supple, extremely light and doesn't absorb water. Sun Lines big claim to fame with this monofilament is the process they've engineered to stop water absorption by filling the space between the molecules with resin. Combine this with their claims that it's 100% unaffected by UV rays and what they've ended up with is a great new idea in fishing lines.

Wow, I fished this line a couple times and it's by far the best thing since sliced bread for the float fisherman. I've tried a couple other lines and I must say I like this the best. I was concerned about the color spooking fish, but haven't noticed any fish sliding away as it floats down over them. Where Siglon F shines is on very slow water with almost no current where you want to get a very long float. Traditional monofilament lines will start to sink within moments of contact with the water. I've floated some pretty long runs, with Siglon being in the water for well over 2 minutes and have never had a problem easily lifting the line off the water to check the float. The only drawback would be in windy conditions, the line is so light that it's easily blown all over by a light breeze. One small area to watch out for, but many positives. Siglon F is definitely a winner! Any float/bobber fisherman might want to try this, even if you're using a spinning rod. - EZ

Product Update - 10/2004
Siglon F is now also available in fluorescent red and clear, as well as fluorescent orange.

Where to Buy:
SR Trout Supply

Manufacturer Info:
Check out Sun Line's website for their full product line.