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NEW Siglon-F Product:
Tackle Type:
300M Spools

NEW Siglon-F
Sunline Co., Ltd.
Terminal Tackle - Line
$11.99 - 6,8,10,12lb
$12.99 - 15,20lb
$14.99 - 25lb
Manufacturers Description:
Not available yet
Strength (lbs.)DiameterSRP
6,8,10,12.104-.28511.99 / 300M
15,20.33-.3712.99 / 300M
25.43014.99 / 300M

The Low Down:
The latest offering from Sunline. While it maintains the old name, Siglon-F, this is by no means the same old line weve all been using. Starting with a new color, this is a brand new formulation which improves the performance in a couple areas. The new line is a bit stiffer which translates into less memory, thus less tangles. Its still supple enough to fish with even in cold weather. Additionally, the new exterior coating seems to repel water better helping to prevent, or prolong, guide icing. Also, the coating helps the line slide through the guides with almost no friction aiding in those very slow swims where the slightest guide friction is most noticeable.

Weve fished this line for a few months now and like it very much. Stay tuned as our entire staff puts it through its paces and look for a write up on our Quest Tested section.

Where to Buy:
The first deliveries are scheduled to be shipped Mid to Late August 2005. When it does hit the states Float Fishing Specialties will be one of the first shops to carry it.

Distributed By:
Check out SR Trout Supply's website for their full product line.

Manufacturer Info:
Check out SunLine's website for their complete product line.

NEW Siglon-F

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