Tackle Type:

FC Sniper
Siglon / Sunline
Terminal Tackle - Line/Leader
Manufacturers Description:
"Sunline takes pride in the development of the 100% fluorocarbon line process with special resin application. This new, advanced process makes the line amazingly powerful, extremely durable with high tensile strength, and maximizes water repellence. It also gives the line smooth handling characteristics."

Diameter# testSRP / Length (Yds)
.01420$19.99 / 110
.01316$19.99 / 110
.012214$19.99 / 110
.011212$17.99 / 110
.010210$17.99 / 110
.00938$17.99 / 110
.00897$16.99 / 110
.0086$16.99 / 110
.00755$16.99 / 110
.00654$15.99 / 110
.00583$15.99 / 110
.0052$15.99 / 110

The Low Down:
We received free samples of Siglon Sniper from the distributor. He asked us to give it an honest try and let them know what we thought. Sniper was designed for tournament bass fishermen, so if it can stand up to the rigors those guys put on it, figures it might work for us! Here's what the staff had to say:

BD- I picked up a spool of 6# FC Sniper at the MFFC show last spring and immediately hit the river to give it a go. What I found was that Sniper is a nice middle-ground between my usual fluorocarbons, FrogHair and Seaguar. It's not as limp or "stretchy" as FrogHair fluorocarbon but not as stiff as Seaguar CarbonPro. It's abraision resistance seems to be quite good, and it knots well without slipping.

Sniper has now become my go-to fluorocarbon for winter steelhead fishing. Where I used to run Seaguar to the first fly and FrogHair to the dropper, I now generally run 6# and 5# Sniper when nymphing. I still use Seaguar in many situations and prefer the properties of FrogHair for nymphing, but at almost half the cost, Siglon FC Sniper has become my "standard" tippet material. Give it a try. I think you'll like it.

EZ- Even though this product isn't designed as a leader/tippet material, that's what my intended use for it is. I'm a pretty solid Seaguar guy as I like the price and durability, but I realize it isn't a pure fluorocarbon. Time to see if the 100% stuff would have a noticeable difference.

Wow, I've been using Sniper exclusively for about 6 months now and like it very much. It's strong, relatively abrasion resistant, and just the right balance of stiff and soft. I've had no problems with knots coming undone, which can be an issue with some fluorocarbon brands. Looks like a winner to me!

MD- I had the opportunity to use this line for tippet material during the fall steelhead run, and overall, was impressed. I normally use Seaguar Carbon Pro and found this line to be very similar. In my opinion, it did seem that the FC Sniper was a bit harder and slicker than Carbon Pro, but that can be a definite advantage in certain situations. Knot strength and abrasion resistance were this line's strongest characteristics vs. other fluorocarbon lines. The line is not as limp as most fluoro lines made for leader material, not surprisingly. Overall, I'd give this line a thumbs up for great lakes steelhead or salmon fishing. One important characteristic that I have not been able to test yet though, is how this line performs in very cold conditions, where some other fluorocarbons are somewhat lacking. I will hopefully have some info on this characteristic very soon though.

BD- Just thought I'd add that I've used Sniper in near freezing water on more than one occasion and did not notice any change in it's performance.

Manufacturer Info:
Check out Sunline's website for their full product line.

Reps Info:
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