Siglon Hollow Fiber Product:
Tackle Type:
Siglon Hollow Float
Sunline Co., Ltd.
Terminal Tackle - Line
No pricing yet
Manufacturers Description:
Not available yet
Strength (lbs.)DiameterSRP
8.009? / 150M

The Low Down:
The latest offering from Sunline. A new name and a new thought process. If you want something to float why not make the inside hollow and fill it with air? Seems to work just fine for fly lines, we'll see how well it works for mono.

Weve only had the chance to fish this line a couple times, but from what we can tell it might be the next best thing since sliced bread. It floats like a dream, seems to take knots pretty well and is somewhat abrasion resistant. It is a bit on the supple side but I guess that's the trade off for the hollow core. Stay tuned as our entire staff puts it through its paces and look for a write up on our Quest Tested section.

Where to Buy:
None, not released yet. Still in product development/field testing phase.

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Check out SR Trout Supply's website for their full product line.

Manufacturer Info:
Check out SunLine's website for their complete product line.