Tackle Type:
Xi2 Saltwater Fly Rod
Fly Rod
Manufacturers Description:
"Built with our innovative new Generation 5 technology, these rods are at once lighter and more lively than their predecessors. But that's only the beginning. The truly revolutionary benefits of the Xi2 are revealed when you cast it. The Modulus Positioning System (MPS) we developed for these rods provides a startling level of "line feel" throughout the casting stroke. This enhanced ability to feel the rod load allows you to apply power more efficiently. Which, in turn, means tighter loops, better wind penetration and more distance. Xi2 Series rods also feature new, lower profile, oversized guides and a round tip-top guide to reduce friction, as well as an improved, saltwater-safe reel seat. No matter which saltwater challenges you face—from bonefish to billfish—the Xi2 lets you concentrate on the fish instead of your casting. That's fishability. Test cast the new Xi2. We think you'll see why we consider it the finest saltwater fly rod ever made. "

Warranty: For the full warranty details check out Sages WARRANTY page.

690-46 wt9'0$620
790-47 wt9'0$625
890-48 wt9'0$625
990-49 wt9'0$630
1090-410 wt9'0$640
1190-411 wt9'0$670
1191-411 wt9'0$670
1290-412 wt9'0$680
1291-412 wt9'0$680
1390-413 wt9'0$690
1480-414 wt8'0$695

The Low Down:
Had a chance to check out one of Sage’s new Xi2’s at the Eastern Spey Clave this past fall. The Ontario rep had the 990-4 and allowed me to take it for a test drive! The first thing I noticed about it was the factory finish was very nice and used high quality salt water resistant components. Equally impressive to the rods finish was the performance; super light and super fast. Most of the testers had absolutely no problem throwing a full line into a stiff breeze. If you’re a beginner this probably isn’t the rod for you. For experienced caster looking for a cannon, look no further! - BD

Company Info:
Check out the Sage website for additional information.