Pentax Optio WP 5MP Waterproof Digital Camera

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Optio WP Waterproof Digital Camera
Electronics / Cameras
Manufacturer's Description:
" Amphibious, elegant digital you’ll take everywhere. This is all weather digital. Snorkel, ski, or attend a stunning wedding, and you’ll never stop snapping with the OptioWP. This latest digital delivers both on land and in the sea with a faster .6 second start up, a quick .05 second shutter release, movie mode and a generous 2.0 inch monitor. A beautiful, petite JIS Class 8 waterproof-rated exterior promises you’ll capture images proudly just under the water’s surface or in the most formal settings. Finally, your wait is over for petite, durable, go everywhere digital. "
  • Pure Digital
  • Built in 3x optical & 4x digital Zoom
  • 5.0 Megapixel (2560x1920)
  • Movie mode 320x240 color and sound
  • Manual or Auto-focus
  • Camera, both still and video
  • Built in 10.5MB memory & SD slot
  • 2” TFT color LCD monitor
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery charger

The Low Down:
We’ve been looking for a good (relatively inexpensive) all around waterproof digital camera but up until now they’ve been limited to under 3MP or required an additional water proof case. We picked this little camera up and decided to give it a try, 5MP and water proof to 1.5 meters (5ft), why not?

Our first impression was a pretty good one. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket and built to withstand getting drenched and worse. We did have a good chuckle at one caution in the manual that says “ The camera will sink if dropped in water…” No kidding? Glad we read that!

5 Megapixels is plenty of resolution for an all around camera, just about enough for studio shots as well but with the lack of a total manual side it’s not going to replace our Cannons. Picture quality is impressive, usability is great even with all the features they packed in, battery life seems to be pretty good. We’ve been shooting on and off for 2 days on the same battery (about 100 pics so far), but we still fear the LCD viewfinder battery eater and did purchase a spare battery. The only downside would be the price, but for a 5MP waterproof camera it’s about what we expected.

Pentax recommends sending in the camera every year and having them remove and replace the waterproof housing, we’re not sure what to think of that yet but I guess it depends on how and how often you use and abuse the camera. Stay tuned to see how it does in our long term"Quest Tested"

Manufacturer Info:
For more information on the Optio WP and other products, visit Pentax's website.