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Otter's Soft Eggs
Montana Fly Co.
Artificial Bait - Eggs
Manufacturers Description:
"These eggs are the most realistic available, and the trout, steelhead, and salmon agree. These eggs have the same consistency and texture as real eggs. When fish eat these, they just donít want to let go. You and your customers will out-fish everyone on the river with these soft, chewy, realistic eggs."

All colors come in 3mm, 4mm, and 10mm single eggs as well as an egg cluster that's made up of three 6mm eggs. 3 brand new colors now shown.
Apricot Opaque

The Testing:
Some friends and I had the opportunity this past season to field test some of the Otterís Milking Eggs sent to Quest by Walt Mueller Jr of Blue River Designs. The product is essentially an incredibly realistic soft rubber egg imitation in a 6 mm size, about the size of the average Coho egg...a nice medium size somewhere between a trout and Chinook egg. Walt sent the eggs in a number of colors, with tangerine (dark orange), apricot (light orange), and apricot opaque (milky light orange color) being on the natural end of the egg color spectrum, and kiwi (chartreuse), flamingo (pink), and ruby (bright orange) being more on the attractor end of the spectrum. All of the eggs have a very unique lifelike translucent quality, with the exception of the apricot opaque (which has the milky quality of an egg that has been drifting in the stream for awhile). Walt likes to tie the eggs up singularly or in tandem with a sparse tuft of white or cream yarn wrapped over the top of the egg and left trailing for several reasons: to hold the egg on the hook better, for visual attraction, and to hold applied scents (the eggs are not pre-scented). Since being sent the original samples, I have been informed that there is also a smaller trout size egg and a new color (robin egg blue) also now available.

We had this past fall, winter, and spring to field test this product, primarily for steelhead, on the tributaries of lakes Erie, Ontario, and Michigan. Upon initial observation, the eggs were found to have a strikingly natural look and action as they tumbled along in the currents. The natural colored eggs were mostly fished during clearer water conditions and the brighter colors were used when water tended to have some color. The Otterís Eggs, not surprisingly, took fish under the varied water conditions tested, and worked at least as well as standard egg fly patterns in all situations (and working significantly better in more cases than not). One case where this product absolutely shines is fishing downstream of spawning trout or salmon with natural colors such as apricot or tangerine, or fishing apricot opaque anywhere in a stream with spawning fish present. We also found that brighter colors tended to hook larger aggressive buck steelhead best, even in clearer water. It was also found that the eggs worked well as they come in the relatively warmer water of fall and spring, but adding some scent to them was often more effective in the cold waters of winter. The eggs were at home fished on fly and float gear during testing, and would work equally well drifting with spinning gear.

The Low Down:
No serious Steelheader should be without a handful of Otterís Eggs in their vest. They are effective, cheap, and require no special storage. My only criticism is that, as with all rubber bait imitations, they tear somewhat I would advise folks to use a bit of yarn to adhere the egg to the hook better (as discussed earlier). Kudos to Blue River Designs for putting out a quality product!

Where to Buy:
Your best bet to get a hold of these is online at Feather-Craft.

Manufacturer Info:
Check out the Montana Fly Co. website for their full product line.