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Trail and Plain Felt Soles included
The Outfitter
Wading Boots
Manufacturer's Description:
"Comfort, comfort, comfort - need we say more? If even one of our Konvertible wearers returns home early because of a blister, we have failed as a company. To prevent that, we make our boots out of the finest leather and the highest quality cordura nylon there is. The sturdy, rugged, yet light-weight boot is our first product featuring the OmniTrax Sole Technology, and if we may say so ourselves, we're mighty proud of it."

Rubber Lug Soles    $19.95
Traditional Hiking boot sole. Multipurpose design excels on varied terrain including: muddy trails, clay banks, gravel, rocks, weeds and wood surfaces.
Studded Rubber Soles    $29.95
Durable rubber sole with protruding carbide spikes. Excels in the most demanding conditions where sharp, jagged, mossy rocks are present. Perfect for traction on logs and submerged wood debris. Great for jetties. Spikes are replaceable.
Felt Soles    $19.95
Compressed high quality felt designed for outstanding traction on wet, slimy and mossy rocks and river bottoms. Not recommended for hiking.
AquaStealth® Soles    $29.95
Durable high traction rubber sole for use on trails and under water. Extra "spongy" for shock absorption. Studded AquaStealth® is also available.
Felt-Studded Sole    $29.95
Compressed high quality felt with protruding carbide spikes for variable wading conditions where extreme traction on rocks, shale, mud or slab granite may abe encountered. Not recommended for hiking.
Boat Sole    $19.95
Soft, non marking rubber designed for use in all wood, fiberglass and aluminum boats. Will not mar or damage floors or painted surfaces.
Spikes    $6.00/10 per package
Replacement Threaded Carbide Spikes
The Low Down:
Might this be the answer to the age old question of which pair of boots to wear for snow, mud, shale.... No more must we put up with "growing" by the footstep in snow just to gain the benefits in the river. No longer will we slide off algae cover rocks because we chose rubber lugs for the initial hike in. Now, with a simple but rugged 4 point locking system, one can change the boot sole in seconds to match the conditions.

Here are our first impressions after wearing them for a day or two:

Brian D - With all of the reservations about the interchangeable sole system I'd heard from people in the market for wading boots, and the fact that I hadn't heard a single complaint from an owner, I decided it was time to give Korkers interchangeable soles a try.

The first thing I did was open 'em up and really inspect the sole attachment system. They were sturdy as hell when dry and in the comfort of my living room. The biggest suprise was what a minor role the strap played in the sole attachment. I had worried about flimsy velcro straps but ended up with a 4 point locking system. I couldn't see how they'd ever come apart, but it was off to the river for a weekend of strenuous testing!

The first trip was ideal to try the interchangeable soles. It's a 2 mile bridge to bridge wade, and a 1 mile hike back to the car. I popped in the studded felt soles and found a good use for those velcro straps. They ended up attaching the hiking soles to the D-loops on the back of my vest! Even after 7 hours on my feet, the boots were very comfortable and my feet still happy. The traction of the studded felts was as good as any I've tried.

When I got to the "take out" I sat down and gave the boots an inspection. The felts were still firmly in place, and when removed I found only trace amounts of river sand under the removable sole. I gave the boot a knock on the ground to remove the sand, and proceeded to install the rubber hiking soles. Maybe it was because I was tired, or maybe because I was sitting on the ground, but I fiddled with the first sole for a minute without much luck. Finally, with the toe lock in place, I stood up and stomped my foot on the ground. Worked like a charm! The second boot took less than 10 seconds using the same method. I hiked the trail back to the car and waded across to the parking area. I have to say, this was the first time I've ever truly enjoyed the hike back. It's a real pain hiking in studded felts! The rubber soles gave me no problems while briefly wading waist deep to cross the river.

The next day I changed out the rubber sole for the studded felts again, this time before putting the boots on and sitting on the tailgate of my truck. Absolutely no problems this time and no stomping involved! I didn't hike quite as far as the day before, but I did spend 6 hours in the river with no traction issues and very happy feet.

Eric Z - Only had the chance to look these new boots over since the guys just happened to get the boots in a size I've got no chance of getting into! I love the idea of an interchangeable sole, no longer should we "grow" in the snow. The boot looks to be well made and thoughtfully designed. My only questions would be how durable the interchangeable soles are and how easy/difficult it is to change out a sole on the river (possibly with a ton of sand, mud and whatever else in the "receiving groves" of the boot)? Guess we'll find out...

Look for a write up in the Quest Tested section after
we have a chance to abuse them further.

Manufacturer Info:
Check out the Korkers website for further information as well as on-line ordering.

Reps Comments: One misconception of our boot system that I would love to have you clear up is this: The soles are not held together by Velcro or a Velcro strap, rather they are held together by a combination of four locking points. The most important of the 4 are the front toe piece and the interlocking side walls (like tongue and groove). Finally the back is secured by a strap that doubles as a handle for quickly removing the soles while on your feet. I would hope that you would add this or something similar to clear up those misconceptions.