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The Low Down:
Finally someone comes up with a good way to mount an outboard that doesn't involve painting wood!! Hyde just released their new Outboard Motor Mount plate. It's made of aluminum, precision formed and welded and will slide over the built in transom mount. Drill a couple holes, add a couple stainless bolts and you're in business.

The new mount makes motor mounting very simple as well as improves the position of the outboard. With built in and add on transom mounts, often the shaft of the motor would extend underneath the hull of the boat. About the only way to correct the angle was to run the motor all the way up on the shallow water bracket. While this wasn’t all bad, on some motors using this bracket would automatically lock the motor and would not allow it to kick up if something were to be hit underwater. Big mistake! The new bracket allows the use of all positions on your outboard. Additionally, it places the motor up higher in the water giving a few more inches of draft.

Manufacturer Info/Where to Buy:
Check out Hyde Boats website for their full product line.

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