Guideline Powertaper DDC Connect Product:
Tackle Type:
Power Taper Connect
Fly Line - Spey
Manufacturers Description:
PT DDC CONNECT - For the very first time, we offer our POWER TAPER Heads with interchangeable tips. The DDC CONNECT, consists of an 9,5 meter long, Slow Intermediate main part, that can be connected to three different Double Density tips. Choose from Fast Intermediate, S1/S2 or S2/S3. The reason for choosing a Slow Intermediate main belly is that it carries the tips much better and that it handles wind and bulky flies with ease. This is an extremely good line to cast and it is easy to pull out of the water for a new cast. Conveniently, it also covers most encountered fishing situations, but you have to adjust it to suit your preferences and then also add a leader, but thatís all just a piece of cake.. Specifications:
AVAILABLE LINE WEIGHTS: The Power Taper DDC Connect come in line weights of 8/9, 9/10, 10/11, and 11/12.

INCLUDED TIPS: All come with 3 tips: Intermediate, Sink1/Sink2, and Sink2/Sink3.

For a benchmark, the 9/10 is about 44 1/4' out of the box, and the tips each weigh just at 10 grams.

The Low Down:
As a "novice at best" spey caster I'm always on the lookout for anything that will allow me to cast better, further, or easier. Guidelines new Power Taper Connect has definately done all three. A breeze to cast 80-90', even for me, with little or no effort this line is one that you need to have in you bag of tricks if you use shooting heads. Now with the interchangable tips, all with welded loops, changing on the fly is a piece of cake. As well as the included tips try out a length of LC-14 and see how effortlessly you'll pop out a 90' cast with 15 or 20' of it attached!

To match up with the rod I have (12' GL3 8/9) we cut about a foot off the end making the head weight just at 25 grams. All lines come full length, a bit heavier for most people which allows you to cut it down to the correct weight for your particular rod.

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Check out Guideline's website for their complete product line.