Tackle Type:
Frog Hair FC
Gamma Industries
Terminal Tackle - Tippet
12/03     Updated 2/04

Manufacturers Description:
"Frog Hair FC is the latest advancement in 100% fluorocarbon. Unlike other fluorocarbons, which behave "wiry" and stiff, Frog Hair FC is processed with Gamma's exclusive technology, resulting in the most supple and elastic fluorocarbon on the market. Now add in the superior refractive qualities of fluorocarbon and imagine the results! Frog Hair FC is truly your competitive new advantage in both fresh and salt water."

XDiameter# testSRP
0.01113.212.99 / 25M
1.01011.512.99 / 25M
2.0091012.99 / 25M
3.0088.812.99 / 25M
4.0076.612.99 / 25M
5.0064.412.99 / 25M
6.0053.312.99 / 25M
7.0042.212.99 / 25M

The Low Down:
We received free samples of Frog Hair FC directly from the product rep while on a video shoot in Ohio this Fall. They asked us to give it an honest try and let them know what we thought. Hereís what the staff had to say:

BD- While Iíve only fished the Frog Hair for a couple days my general experience has been positive. The breaking strength seemed to be sufficient and the abrasion resistance was very good. Its knot-ability compares favorably to the other high end fluorocarbons Iíve fished. While I canít say honestly Iíll be switching to Frog Hair for my day-to-day use right now, Iíll will definitely continue to test it out further.

CH- I used primarily the 4X (6.6 lb) for most of the day. We had fairly clear water conditions and of the fish I landed that morning the only lost fish was the result of a hook pull. While I havenít had the opportunity to fully give this a long term test it seems to be a good quality product.

EZ- Iím pretty impressed at the strength to diameter ratio. I typically use fluoros that have a greater diameter vs. breaking strength so it wasnít totally unexpected that one of my first concerns was the abrasion resistance. As compared to my usual 8 lb, the FH had a much smaller diameter and was, obviously, less abrasion resistant. I found myself opting for a little bit larger diameter just to help out with rocks, snags, etc. I did find one perfect use for it; droppers. I tie my dropper to the eye of my first fly and many times must decrease leader diameter in order to tie 2 knots on the top fly. This stuff was great, I could stay at the same # test and have a much small diameter. Iíve got to say this stuff is a pretty good product, a bit on the expensive side especially for steelheadders or nymphers that are constantly loosing rigs but if youíre willing to pay the price it just might be worth it.

Updated Staff Comments - 2/04

CH- After getting a chance to use this stuff for a while, it seems to be very good. It's supple, and seems to resist abrasion better than the stuff I'm used to fishing. The strength of this line is also impressive...

EZ- Well, I've been using Frog Hair FC for several months now and I've gotta say it's out performed any other fluorocarbon tippet material I've tried so far. I came into this test a bit on the bias side due to the higher price point but have quickly changed my mind after fishing this stuff for a while. I'm still impressed by the strength to diameter ratio and have had no problems with the line in any way. I do wish Gamma would come out with a large capacity "filler" spool, perhaps that may drop the price point slightly. It's still one of the more expensive fluorocarbon tippet materials out there but in my mind for certain applications it's worth every penny.

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Check out Gamma Technologies website for their full product line.