Tackle Type:
Echo 4pc Fly Rods
Fly Rod
Manufacturers Description:
"ECHO rod actions are crisp and have power levels that combine delicacy with the stiffness needed for longer casts. The rods come with mortised, impregnated hardwood reel seat and anodized hardware for a long, trouble free life. The hendles are made from premium grade cork, with a half wells grip fits the widest range of hand shapes and sizes. Ceramic stripper guides and single foot snake guides are sized to match each ECHO rod."

"ECHO rods in the heavier category (8-10wts)have fast actions with power to spare-- they'll keep you casting far and fast without making you tired. The rods come with tough, uplocking matte black anodized reel seat, full wells grip for power and control, and fighting butts in varied sizes depending on the rod model. With oversized stripper guides and single foot snake guides to reduce friction without sacrificing durability."

Warranty:"Should failure occur due to defects in materials or workmanship within one year of the purchase date, Rajeff Sports will repair or replace the product at Rajeff Sports option. If any section of the rod fails for any reasons other than a defect in materials or workmanship a replacement section can be ordered for $25, which includes shipping and handling."

480-4X4 wt8'0$119.95
590-4X5 wt9'0$119.95
690-4X6 wt9'0$119.95
890-4X8 wt9'0$139.95
990-4X9 wt9'0$139.95
1090-4X10 wt9'0$139.95

The Low Down:
A 4 piece rod for how much? That was the first thought through my mind when I saw this line of rods; my second thought, it must be junk! Well, my second thought was quickly dismissed after a few minutes spent casting the rod. It's unbelievably quick, reletively light, and looked to be well constructed. For the price point it may be the perfect choice for a spare rod, especialy if you're traveling via air.

Most like its fast action as well as the quality of construction. In the heavier weights (8-10) one feature that surprised us; a removable but cap. A fighting but is not included, however for a couple bucks you can buy one and increase the versatility. The only two cons of these rod would be one, they only come in one length, and two, they’re imported, but at that price we kinda' expected that. Look for a full write up after a we use and abuse it in the "Quest Tested"section. - EZ

Where to Buy:
Bueters Outdoors

Rep's Info:
Check out Rajeff Sports website for additional information.