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Yellowstone Guide
Dan Bailey
Apparel - Waders

Manufacturer's Description:
"Designed for the guides and serious anglers fishing the big waters near Livingston, Montana. Our new Yellowstone guide waders provide greatly enhanced durability without sacrificing comfort. Thanks to an integrated system of coating and laminates over tough 909 fabric, our new wader provides maximum abrasion resistance while maintaining superior breathability. With our exclusive outer seam design, articulated knees, built in gravel guards, built in wide belt and other features, this is the most advanced wader available today. It introduced a combination of coatings and laminates. Coatings are superior in waterproofness and laminates are superior in breathability. This combination improves both the durability and the breathability of the waders. The outside layer is 909 micro fiber, then a layer of coating, then a layer of laminate and the final layer is nylon tricot."

"Toray's innovative ENTRANT-HB is a new-generation fabric featuring a complex hybrid structure that effectively synthesizes the advantages offered by both microporous coating and lamination technologies. Maintaining optimum balance, the microporous coating provides high moisture permeability levels when performing high-intensity (B-1) and low-intensity (A-1) activities. The lamination process in turn yields durable waterproofness. The result, a comfortable fabric that meets the demands of any outdoor activity."
  • Highly Breathable
  • Double Lower Leg & Articulated Knee
  • Highly Puncture Resistant
  • Built in Gravel Guards, Waist Belt

The Low Down:
I've been hearing about this new line of waders since the Denver Fly Show and finally got forced into upgrading my Bailey's. I just received them on January 7th and promptly used them the next day during "Operation Icebreaker". I'm pretty sure Bailey doesn't recommend using them when breaking through ice jammed rivers but that's the only pair of waders I had at the time. At the end of the day they were dry and cool, perfect!

I'm very hard on waders and have owned and replaced more than I should over the last several years. I was, and still am, of the mindset that just won't justify spending several hundred dollars on a pair of waders. I've taken a ton of flack from friends and shop owners by wearing cheap waders and replacing them every year... or more. But still, it seemed cheaper to get a low cost new pair every so often rather than spending a small fortune at one time hoping that they will last. Well, as of the 7th that's changed. I've had enough of leaks, different neoprene boot sizes, tight waders, loose waders, huge waders, etc... I figured I'd spend the money and see what happens.

I did want to mention the sizing seems pretty close to dead on. I wear a size 10 1/2 or 11 in street shoes and got the XL waders which have a size 11-13 "shoe" size. With one heavy pair of socks over one light pair, what I normally wear in the winter, they fit very well.

From what I hear, the Yellowstone Guide waders are supposedly Baileys counter to Simms Guide weights although a hundred bucks or so cheaper.

We've put em through the ringer for over a year now, check out the "tested" write up here Tested; DB Yellowstone Guide. It should continue to be an interesting trial. - EZ

Where to Buy:
Schmidt Outfitters

Manufacturer Info:
Check out the Dan Bailey website for further information.