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Boulder Boat Works
Drift Boats
$5995 (base)
Manufacturer's Description:
"Boulder Boat Works, Inc. is the first to pioneer the use of HDPE in driftboat construction. Boulder Boat Works' hulls are made from a special Marine Grade, U.V. protected, High-Density, Polyethylene polymer (HDPE for short). We have combined the most innovative hull material (HDPE) with classic drfitboat designs to produce the world's first series of polymer hulled driftboats."

"Our polymer driftboats solve most, if not all, of the problems associated with fiberglass, aluminum and wooden driftboat hulls. They are easily the strongest driftboat hulls on the market and the lowest maintenance hulls money can buy. In addition to those major points, they are also extremely 'slippery' boats both through the water and, more importantly, they slide off rocks easily. They are quiet in the water, warm on cold days, and U.V. protected for life. The HDPE material is solid color throughout which means there are no gel coats to repair, no chips to retouch, no painting or varnishing for the life of the boat. They also come with a lifetime guarantee against bottom punctures or hull leaks."

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The Low Down:
Well, this most definitely falls into the "something new" category... or does it? Manufacturers have been making kayak's out of this material for years, but this is the first time we've seen it used in drift boat design. Looking at the track record for High-Density, Polyethylene polymer (HDPE), it's known for its virtual indestructibility. Now anyone that's ever rowed under conditions like the Madison River in August will appreciate a hull and chines that can take that kind of abuse and won't require you to master the art of fiberglass repair.

In addition, the White Oak and Mahogany woodwork really makes the boat stand out. For those who don't want the maintenance associated with wood, a "Line-X" finish (used in spray-on truck bed liners) can be applied over the White Oak trim, giving you a "bomb-proof" finish with virtually zero maintenance.

If you're in the market for a virtually indestructible drift boat, you just might want to give Boulder Boat Works a long hard look.

Manufacturer Info:
Check out the Boulder Boat Works website for further information.