Tackle Type:
BigJon Diver Disk
Trolling Acc.
$5.00 MSRP
Manufacturers Description:
"1 3/4 in. diver disk takes your line and lure down to depths of 30 ft., the 2 in. diver disk takes your line and lure down to depths of 45 ft. They attach directly to your fishing line, eliminating the need for a line release. The nose weight can be set so diver runs straight back or to the right or left side. One diver per package"

The Low Down:
Something not exactely new, just a little different. There's been diving disks on the market for years now, but this is by far the smallest one around. We've used them a couple times and they do work very well, at least for Walleye. Grab yourself a good refrence book for distance/depth and you'll be able to pretty accurately troll down to 45'. We had no problem hitting 26-27' with the smaller disk and about 130' of line out. The fall run of Kings is almost upon us so we'll have a chance to test em' out on larger fish under different circumstances, we'll let you know what we like, what we dislike, and what our thoughts are. After we use and abuse it, look for a comprehensive write up in the "Quest Tested"section. - EZ

Where to Buy:
Now that's a good one! As of the date this was posted it's just about impossible to find these anywhere in the state of Michigan. I've heard of people offering over $20 each for anyone that can find em! When supply catches up with demand they should be found in just about every tackle shop and most outdoor stores.

Company Info:
Check out BigJon website for additional information.