Aventa Center Pin Float Reel from Okuma Product:

Tackle Type:
Aventa Centerpin Float Reel
Centerpin (float) Reel
$149.99 (USD)
Manufacturers Description:
The Aventa float reel hasn't even hit the market yet. There is no description available from Okuma at this time.

Warranty: Warranty details are not yet available. The logical assumption is that the Aventa will have the same limited one year warranty that other Okuma reels carry.

VT-10004.5"275yds/8lb6061-TC Alum.Brass Bushing$149.99
VT-10024.5"275yds/8lb6061-TC Alum.2 SS Bearings$149.99

The Low Down:
A centerpin reel so new it's not even on the market yet. The Aventa looks like a welcome addition to the low end of the centerpin market. If you've been thinking about giving float fishing a shot but have been put off by the price tag, this may make the decision a little easier.

There seems to be a bit of conflicting information about the 2 different models available. The specs above came straight from Okuma so should be accurate. It appears that the only difference between the two is the bearing/bushing system. I've also seen reports that the Aventa features a stainless steel shaft, but have not had this verified by Okuma yet. It appears from the photos that the reel has a button activated clicker as well.

There is no confirmed release date for the Aventa as of this writing. According to an Okuma sales assistant "It probably won't be in any sooner than the end of March(04)."

Look for a full write up after we use and abuse it in the "Quest Tested" section. - BD

Where to Buy:
Search Okuma's US Retailers or Online Merchant list.

Manufacturer's Info:
Check out Okuma's website for new information.