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"Michigan Mit"
A fish friendly landing glove; Made in the USA!

Trout Bum Diaries; Patagonia DVD
Incredible DVD, over 2 1/5 hours of footage. You NEED this one for the library!

Coleman Procat Heater
Have we found a small portable propane heater that actualy works? Find Out...

Powerwinch RC23
An electric trailer winch with a remote control? Yup, check it out!

Siglon Hollow Fiber
Want it to float? Fill it with air...what an idea! Check out the latest offering from Sunline.

Pentax Optio WP
A 5 Megapixel WATERPROOF camera for less than $350? Yup, check it out...

NEW Siglon F
A totaly new formulation of the ever popular Siglon F from Sunline. Check out our first impressions...

Snowbee XS Waders
Ok, we've never heard or seen these on this side of the pond! Check out Snowbee's newest wader design.

Siglon Sniper
Looking for a better mousetrap? How about better fluorocarbon? Try Siglons FC Sniper, you won't be disappointed!

Boulder Boatworks
Well, this most definitely qualifies in the "something new" category...or does it. Manufacturers have been ...

Super Sacs
Just another pre-packaged spawn product to flood the market with or could this be the next best thing since the introduction of graphite rods?

Otter's Soft Eggs
Ever ran out of eggs in the middle of your fishing day? I know we have! Here's a product every Steelheadder should keep in their vest for just such an occasion.

Korkers Outfitter
So many soles, so little time!
Snow, Mud, Rocks, or anything else there's a changable sole to meet every condition!

Aventa Centerpin Reel
Leave it to Okuma to enter the float fishing market with a centerpin reel costing $150.00!

Blue River Chest Pack
Is my search for the perfect chest pack finally over? This thoughfully designed offering from Fishpond might just be the one!

Steelhead FT
The latest from Bite Footwear! Large aluminum cleats backed with felt, all in a comfortable soft boot.

Sage Xi2 Saltwater
Three years of constant material and design research—and of course as much saltwater testing as we could arrange—have resulted in the mother of all saltwater fly rods.

Frog Hair FC
"Frog Hair FC is the latest advancement in 100% fluorocarbon. Unlike other fluorocarbons, which behave "wiry" and...

Hanson Centerpin Reel
This center pin float reel was designed to fish steelhead and salmon in difficult weather and river conditions of the Great Lakes.

Siglon-F Floating Mono
Siglon-F is a moisture proof, curl-free, strong, and shock-resistant monofilament line. Oh yeah, did we mention it FLOATS!

Loomis Centerpin Rod
Finaly, G.Loomis gets into the Float Fishing/Centerpin arena. Their first offering, the STFR 1601 is one awesome rod 13'4" and light as a feather.

Dan Bailey Yellowstones
Bailey's new top of the line breathables. Check em' out if your looking for a great product at a reasonable price!

BigJon Diver Disks
Something not exactely new, just a little different. There's been diving disks on the market for years now, but this is...

Airflo Indicator Tip Fly Line
A new concept in indicator flylines, this line relies on the high contrast between the dark olive main body...

Hyde Outboard Motor Bracket
Drifters take notice! Hyde Boats just released thier new outboard motor bracket. You've gotta get one of these!!

Echo Fly Rods
Weather your looking for a backup rod or an every day fisher the Echo deserves a look. A good performing and very affordable 4pc rod for under $140!

Daiwa 17 LC
It's about time!!! The larger cousins of the 17 have been a staple for many great lakes anglers. Now in Steelhead size!

NEW Siglon-F

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