Tackle Type:
Indicator Tip Fly Line
Fly Line
Manufacturers Description:
"A new concept in indicator flylines, this line relies on the high contrast between the dark olive main body and the highly fluorescent, low density 'Hi float' tip to show up even the slightest of takes. Many of our field testers and guides have been able to eliminate the often difficult casting indicators from their clients leaders. In the UK, where indicators are banned on many stillwaters, this line has been an instant success with chironomid fishers."

The Low Down:
Something new in indi lines for us to play with. Initial thoughts on the line are, I'm not too sure about that fluorescent tip? On some of the other tapers I've used standard practice it to cut off the first 18-24" to get into the larger taper. It makes turning bigger indi's over easier; we'll see on this tip. While it's not claiming to be a "float" line by description a fly shop owner claimed it works very well. We will put it to the test and let you know what we like, what we dislike, and what our thoughts are. After we use and abuse it, look for a comprehensive write up in the "Quest Tested"section. - EZ

Where to Buy:
Bueters Outdoors

Rep's Info:
Check out Rajeff Sports website for additional information.