RodLoft Vehicle Mounted Rod Holders

How many times have you been concerned about your expensive rods bouncing around the bed of your truck or car? Ever break one? We have...but no more. Check out this neat vehicle mounted rod holder. It provides you with a safe, secure, and out of the way option for rod storage. No special tool are needed, just a small phillips screwdriver.

Step By Step

Start by removing the contents of the box. You'll get 2 sliding twist lock poles, 2 sets of rod holders (good for 6 rods), a bunch of mounting brackets, and a bag of zip ties. And oh yea, no directions...just a bunch of pictures on the box so don't throw it away till you're done!

One of the first things you'll notice is a bunch of mounting brackets. They give you 6 different types: suction cups, topper brackets, garment hooks, grab bar, moulding brackets, and oversized hook. A combination of one or more of these should fit just about any vehicle configuration.

For my application, a Chevy Suburban, I chose the oversized hook brackets for the rear. I simply pulled the factory hooks off, slid the rodloft brackets behind, and re-attached the hooks. Simple...after I figured out how to remove the factory hooks!

For the front holders I used the suction cup brackets. I was a bit leary about using these as I thought they wouldn't hold very well but after one off road fishing trip down 2 tracks I was convinced, they held and didn't fall off. I still keep a close eye on them as I don't completely trust them but for now they seem to do the job.

Looking at the rod rack from the rear of the vehicle. 6 rods up and out of the way! Looks like it should hold just about any type of rod. In the rack I've got 3 7' casting rods (assembled), a 12' float rod and a 10' fly rod, both broken down to 2 pieces.

View from the front.

Author: Eric Z

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