G. Loomis Centerpin Rods G. Loomis Centerpin / Float Rods

For some reason, down here in the States we have a hard time finding information on anything G. Loomis Canada has to offer, especially in the float fishing / centerpin market. Here's a brief look at their offering of float rods. Check back soon and you'll find a complete write up including a fully TESTED review!

G. Loomis Canada Float / Centerpin Rods
ModelList Price
LengthLine RatingLure RatingPiecesPowerAction
STR 1382S$323.9411'6"4 lb.1/16-1/82U.LightSlow
STR 1384S$323.9411'6"4-8 lb.1/4-3/82LightMod.
STR 1562S$381.6313'4-8 lb.1/4-3/82LightMod.
STR 1384S$408.2511'6"4-8 lb.1/4-3/82LightMod.
STR 1562S$501.4413'4-8 lb.1/4-3/82LightMod.
STR 1622S$639.0013'6"4-8 lb.1/4-3/83LightMod.
FRONTIER            New material between GL3 & IMX
STR 1384S-MX$240.0011'6"4-8 lb.1/8-3/82LightMod.
STR 1562S-MX$280.0013'4-8 lb.1/8-3/82LightMod.
STR 1562S-3MX$385.0013'4-8 lb.1/8-3/83LightMod.
STR 1802S-3MX$495.0015'4-8 lb.1/8-3/83LightMod.
STR 1384S$572.4411'6"4-8 lb.1/4-3/82LightMod.
STR 1562S$670.0613'4-8 lb.1/4-3/82LightMod.

For more information, check out www.gloomis.ca.