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Drift Boat Rigging 101

"You mean to tell me we just spent that much money on that new &&$%# drift boat and now you need more stuff! How's that possible?"
A great quote from my wife in regards to my latest addition to the arsenal. True, I did over spend a little on the boat, but also true, no boat regardless of the price comes perfectly outfitted.
There are always a few items that need to be added after the purchase. When I outfitted my last drift boat I searched the web for anything having to do with add ons, and what I found was very limited to non-existent. I knew I wanted to put in rod holders, heaters and an outboard, but didn't have much to go on other than what I've seen on the water. Without specifics on how others installed items, and more importantly why they placed them where they are, the info I had remembered didn't do me much good.

Join me as I walk thru the rigging of my 2002 Hyde Low Profile Drift Boat. Keep in mind that it's only my opinion and may or may not be the best way to do it!

Rod Holders
Motor and Motor Mount
Propane Heaters
Coming Soon - Electric Trailer Winch
G. Loomis and Frontier Float Rods
Loomis & Frontier
Float Rods

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