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Daiwa just released its new SG17LC a few months ago. While there's almost no information on this reel yet, we've got 'em here and have are already begun testing them out. First things first though, let's clear up the confusion on the model numbers. Many of us can't keep them straight - between the SG47LC, 47LC, SG27LC, SG27LCW, throw in the new AccuDepth line (AD's), not to mention the new 17LC series which come in both the AC and SG,
and almost all of us just kinda' sit there and scratch our heads. Well, here's a simple chart listing all the Line Counter (LC) models and their features so you can keep them straight.

* All models have bronze machine cut gears and Teflon felt drags.

SeriesModelCapacity 14lbGearingSpool/FrameBU/BBSRP
SG-Old27LC360 yds4.2:1Comp.BushingsN/A
27LCW360 yds4.2:1Comp.BushingsN/A
47LC380 yds4.2:1Comp.BushingsN/A
Plain Old47LC380 yds5.1:1Comp.Bushings$69.99
SG-A New17LCA280 yds/12lb5.1:1Alum.Ball Bearings$84.95
27LCA360 yds4.2:1Alum.Ball Bearings$89.95
27LCAW*360 yds4.2:1Alum.Ball Bearings$92.95
47LCA480 yds4.2:1Alum.Ball Bearings$94.95
AD New17LC*230 yds5.1:1Comp.Bushings$54.99
27LC360 yds5.1:1Comp.Bushings$59.99
27LCW*360 yds5.1:1Comp.Bushings$59.99
47LC480 yds4.0:1Comp.Bushings$64.99
57LC380 yds/25lb4.0:1Comp.Bushings$64.95
* Both the 17's and 27's in the AD and SG lines are available with twin paddle handles.
There are no prices for the old SG series as they're not showing up in the 2003 catalogs.

In a Nut-Shell:
the new series of Line Counters (LC) are divided up into two groups, the Sealine’s (SG) and the Accudepth’s (AD). The SG series are built better and cost more, but should prove to be a longer lasting, more dependable and durable reel. The AD series are a bit more affordable; however they lack the refinement on the SG's.- EZ

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Manufacturer's Info:
Check out Daiwa's website for additional information.

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